Text wars!

Since last Saturday Ole Miss Defensive End Kentrell Lockett, a Louisiana native, has been getting boastful text messages from certain LSU players about Saturday afternoon's game. His response: "whatever." Read about it inside.

After the Rebels beat UL-Monroe 59-0 Saturday, Ole Miss DE Kentrell Lockett's phone started beeping with text messages.

"Somebody is gonna get cleat marks on their chest," one read. "We are going to run all over you," another said.

The texts were from LSU players and the laid-back Lockett couldn't help but smile.

"It's big going home. I just laugh at the texts. That's football and that's part of a rival game with people you know," Lockett explained. "I look forward to going home and playing in that stadium. That will be a lot of fun. I'm not going to be the antagonist in the text wars. All I'm texting back is 'we'll see' and stuff like that."

Kentrell couldn't help but add his own salvo. . .

"I guess after Troy scared them to death they were feeling more comfortable to text me," he grinned slyly. "It's all in fun. We are competitors and comedians, I guess."

Lockett said the texts were from players he has known and competed with since grade school.

"Jai Eugene said he's going to get to Jevan (Snead) and shut down our receivers," said Lockett. "Chad Jones, Rahim Alem, Charles Scott and Quinn Johnson - they all had something to say. OK, say it - it doesn't bother me."

Kentrell said the LSU game takes on an extra importance to him being from that area.

"I've been playing against or with several of those guys since pee-wee ball - baseball, basketball and football," he noted. "I know them. I know we are going to mouthing on the field at each other. That will make it more comfortable for me in that environment, but I also want to show out a little and let them see how much my game has elevated."

The Rebels and Tigers seem to play tight games most of the time, even when the Tigers are riding high and the Rebs have been in the dumpster by mid-November.

"We've always given them fits, it seems like, but this year they seem a little more vulnerable for some reason," Lockett said. "They don't have the aura they did last year around them. Last year, they seemed invincible, but they don't seem that way this year, even though they have a really good team.

"We can get them if we go in there confident and play our style of football, the kind of football we know we are capable of, but nobody thinks it's going to be easy. We have to play them hard. We didn't take UL-Monroe lightly so we sure aren't taking LSU lightly."

Kentrell will be looking for the spoils of victory with a Rebel win Saturday.

"In the neighborhood where I live, it's all LSU. They've ben telling my Mom and Dad what they are going to do to us and all that kind of stuff," he added. "When we win, that will be bragging rights for a year.

"We've got a lot of guys from Louisiana on this team and we've been waiting on this game. On that stage, there's nothing like it."

Kentrell grew up an LSU fan, but as he got older he also grew tired of Purple and Gold.

"Once I got to know college football, I realized I did not want to go there," he said. "The swagger and cockiness is not me. I saw too much Purple and Gold."

Lockett said the games against Florida and Alabama prepared the Rebels for the insanity of Death Valley.

"We know it's going to be loud and crazy and that their fans are going to be a factor in the game," he stated. "But we have been in these situations before and we know how to overcome it."

Kentrell is basically going to put his text messages on ignore the rest of the week. He's got work to do to get ready for the rivalry.

"None of that means anything. It's all in fun. I didn't even know any of those guys had my number," he closed. "Everything will be settled on the field, not on the phone."

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