WR/CB Javone Lawson takes in Ole Miss game

Javone Lawson played in a critical district game on Friday. The 6' 0" two way star caught 8 passes for 97 yards and scored on a 67 yard punt return to help Helen Cox to a 22-7 victory over McKinnley. Lawson woke up the next mornging and drove some 6 hours north to visit the University of Mississippi. How did the trip go?

"I went up there this weekend, added Javone Lawson. "I enjoyed myself. I really liked the game and really liked their facilities."

Did anyone accompany Javone on the trip?

"My coach and his wife brought me up there. He thought it was a nice fit for me. Coach told me that things have changed at Ole Miss. He thinks I really need to be a Rebel. They put up a lot of points. It was a nice game. They were running the ball really good, but they had some nice passes too."

This was Lawson's first time to the Ole Miss campus.

"My first impression was just how nice the campus is up there. They take pride in keeping their campus looking nice. You can tell that. Their fans were cheering the whole game although it was a blow out, raining, and really cold. That impressed me a lot. There were not just a whole lot of people there, but they were not playing a very good team. When they play MSU, it will be packed. I plan on coming back to see that game."

What was the Harvey (LA) resident keying in on before he came on the trip?

"I did not go over there thinking to myself, I am going to focus on their plays or style of play or their fans or anything like that. I just wanted to go up there with an open mind, see the game, and just have fun."

Javone reported to us on Thursday that he thought there was a chance he was going to be offered a scholarship while on the trip. Did that discussion take place?

"I spoke with Coach Dameron before and after the game. I also had a chance to speak to Coach Dickerson in the locker room. They told me thanks for coming and watching the game, but it was nothing serious. We did not talk about an offer, but my coach told me that they informed him that I had an offer. He told me to let him know when I am ready to commit so I can go ahead and get a spot saved, but I think I am going to take my visits before making a final decision though."

Who else is looking at Javone?

"UConn, USM, La Tech, and a couple more of the Louisiana schools are showing me a lot of interest."

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