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Every SEC week, Rebel Offensive Coordinator Kent Austin says he stares at the same thing - opposing defenses who seemingly have it all. LSU week is no different. Read about it inside.

The tape recordings of Rebel Offensive Coordinator Kent Austin's weekly chat with the media prior to any SEC game are almost identical.

From Florida, to South Carolina, to Alabama, to Arkansas, to Auburn, and now to LSU, nothing much changes.

Kent says that's just life in the Southeastern Conference as an OC.

"Nothing much changes, week after week after week," he said. "LSU is big, fast, athletic, they can cover in the secondary, they are hard to root out up front, they are strong and they like to hit, like just about every defense in our league.

"There's no question though that LSU is an upper echelon defense in our conference. They have one of the better defenses in our league. Athletically, they are as good as it gets. Each defense in the SEC has its own personality, and LSU does too, but the basics don't seem to change. They are all real good and you know you have to play well to score and win."

Austin said he does not expect the Tiger defense to be tricky - they don't have to be.

"They will blitz some and they like man coverage, but when you have that kind of talent, you don't have to do much - you just line them up and let them play," Kent stated.

The Tigers are not ranked highly in pass defense and they have been lit up by a couple of teams - notably Florida and Georgia. So is throwing the ball the way to beat LSU's defense? Not necessarily, says Austin.

"It all starts up front. We have to control the line of scrimmage, we cannot have any turnovers and we have to have very few penalties," he said. "We have to play, in other words, a very clean game.

"And then you have to exploit them when you do have the opportunity to make plays. There won't be a lot of those opportunities, but when they arise, we have to make the plays."

Austin said down and distance in this game will be critical.

"This is not the team you want to be in second or third-and-long with these guys. If you find yourself in those situations often, it will be a long day against their defense," he noted.

One of the focal points of the Rebel offense, as always, will be Quarterback Jevan Snead. Jevan is coming off a very good game against UL-Monroe, despite missing "a couple" of passes he probably should have hit.

"Jevan accounted for five touchdowns in that game - a pretty good day's work. Three of his six completions were touchdowns," Kent evaluated. "I know he missed a couple of wide open guys, but he's not going to hit every pass. He knows the ones too - there's nobody tougher on Jevan than himself.

"At the end of the day, he's been protecting the football, he's been making plays and he's putting points on the board. That's where our focus has been and he's doing that. A higher passing percentage will follow if he continues those things. We don't really care how we score, we just want to score and win."

Austin is familiar with playing at Death Valley. He quarterbacked the Rebels there when he was at Ole Miss. Not much has changed since in terms of the atmosphere the Rebs will face this Saturday.

"It's the kind of environment you want. Those kinds of environments are what makes college football exciting. You want that stage, whether you are the home team or the opposing team," he said. "If you can't get ready to play in a game like this, something is wrong with you."

The Rebels have shown they can handle the rigors of the road via a win at Florida and Arkansas and two pretty good showing against Alabama and Wake Forest.

"We have been a pretty decent road team. The kids have responded well in adverse conditions," Kent closed. "One reason, I believe, is that we have made some really good halftime adjustments on both sides of the ball and another is the players are not intimidated by those environments. They have been able to keep their focus and do what we are asking them to do."

LSU's defense has been called a "different animal" by some, but in the SEC, all the "animals" have sharp teeth and nasty demeanors.

The Tigers, as Austin said, present problems for any offense, but as far as he is concerned, it's just another day at the SEC office.

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