Recruiting update with DE Alex Williams

The 6' 5", 215 pound pound defensive end out of Tallahassee is gearing up for another championship run at Florida A&M.

"We are just trying to get ready for the playoffs," added Alex Williams. "We just ended the regular season against Bluntstown, and we won 37-6. We are 7-3 now."

Alex is fortunate enough t to play with one of the better defenders in Florida.

"Me and Willie Ferrell try and help each other out a lot. We are constantly telling each other the other is going to get to the ball carrier first. It keeps you in the game. When he is having a tough game, I encourage him to keep going. And when I am having a bad game, he gets on to me. We are the leaders on the defense. Without him though, I would not be near as successful. We make a great tandem."

Not surprisingly, Williams has feasted off of the opposing offenses.

"I have 19 sacks through our first 10 games. I tied the school record that I set last year. I had 19 sacks last year too. I led the Big Ben in sacks last and this year. I also have 75 tackles, 45 solo, 9 for losses, and 5 pass breakups."

What improvements has the little brother of former NFL TE, Boo Williams, seen on the field this season.

"I feel the teams (colleges) needed to see a reason to offer me. I will put it like this, I feel that some colleges were holding back because they did not know if I could stop the run. They saw me just as a pass rusher. But this year, they can not run traps at me like they did last year. They did a little bit against me last year, but I am a lot stronger and more aggressive against the run. It is now one of my strengths."

What does the slender defensive lineman want to report in for two a days on the collegiate level.

"My older brother, Boo, is coming back down here as soon as the season is over. We are going to work out every day together, and he said he will have me at 230 with even less body fat on me. Boo is going to be like my personal trainer. I hope to be up to 235 when I report to college though."

And which colleges are in the running right now for Alex's services?

"Arkansas and Ole Miss are recruiting me real hard. They are my top two right now, but I sure wish FSU would offer me."

Would a FSU offer put the Seminoles on top?

"I spoke with Coach Jimbo (Fisher) in the spring. He said he needed some more film, and wanted to come to a couple of my games, but I have not gotten any calls. I am still waiting and hoping, but I am not going to beg them or anything. I can get there in about 6 minutes, and my mother could come see all of my games. Really, that is why I want them to recruit me. It would be so convenient. But I am not saying if they called, and offered, I would like them more than Arkansas and Ole Miss. I have built some pretty tight relationships with those guys, but it would be great to have that option."

Which colleges have offered?

"Arkansas, Ole Miss, Iowa, South Florida is recruiting me heavy. FIU and FAU. Tennessee offered and is also really on me hard now."

What happens now that Coach Fulmer has been let go at Tennessee?

"That is a good question, and I just do not knwo now. Coach Chevis called me and told me to just hang on and see what happens at the end of the season, but I can't lie, it is not going to help, if you know what I mean."

Alex's older brother, Boo, played for the Ole Miss staff at Arkansas, so naturally those two are going to stand out.

"I do not have any visits set up because I do not want to focus on that during the season. I will get to that close to Christmas break. I will have 3 to 4 weeks off in basketball, and I will try and set them up after that. I am looking at December 6th for Arkansas. He asked me how December 5th sounded, but I have not set up anything in concrete yet. I spoke with Coach Vaughn (at Ole Miss) about getting one set up in January. We have a real good relationship. I know he will take care of me, whether I am playing LB/DE or WR. They said I could come up there as a freshman and play. That is the big thing with Ole Miss, early playing time and their staff, but they all have their perks. I talk to Coach Patrino (at Arkansas) all of the time too. He is a real cool guy. Basically, Arkansas and Ole Miss are neck and neck because of Coaches Vaughn and Patrino. My older brother went to Arkansas, and that would be great, but he was also coached by the Ole Miss staff, so I can not go wrong. They both have young programs, especially Arkansas. I know Ole Miss has some defensive ends that are perfectionist. I mean, Greg Hardy is the best DE in the country, so I could get some great coaching there. Both schools have their ups."

What are Ole Miss' main pluses for the 2007 1st Team All-State selection in both football and basektball?

"Their defensive line coach, Tracey Rocker. He is one of the best, if not the best, defensive line coaches in the country. Plus, I can play as a freshman and learn from the best defensive end in the country and be taught by the best defensive line coach in the country. Also, my brother was coached by Coach Nutt in college, and he said that he never enjoyed playing for anyone more than he did Coach Nutt. That makes them look good for me and also Coach Vaughn. He is just a great person."

And Arkansas'?

"My brother played there and Coach Patrino is a heck of a guy. He calls me right after every game. Coach Patrino does not shoot the bull. He is not just concerned about your play; he wants you to be successful as a human being. It is not all about sports with Coach Patrino. He is real adamant about that. I like that and my mom does too."

Alex's teammate and good friend, Willie Ferrell, plans to take in some official visits with Williams.

"Me and Willie are talking about going to Arkansas together on December 5th, if it is a good date for him too. We are actually both looking at Arkansas and Ole Miss and will probably take our visits together. We hope to end up at the same school, but it not some package deal or anything like that. If the school I pick is best for him too, then that would be icing on the cake. But it has to be best for both of us."

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