Can Coach Vaughn reel in LB Willie Ferrell?

The 6' 2", 225 pound linebacker has been a terror on the field for the past three seasons at Florida A&M. The '06 and '07 campaigns saw him total over 200 tackles each season.

How is the '08 season looking?

"We are 7-3 and are in the playoffs Friday," added Willie Ferrell. We are still just working hard, doing the little things. We are all stepping up in crunch time. I feel like we are really coming together as a team."

Personally, how is Willie's season coming around?

"Well, I have 110 tackles in eight games. I missed a couple of games because of a high ankle sprain, and it is still hurting pretty good, but I am going to play through it."

The one time LSU commit has been quiet on the recruiting front and not much has changed.

"It is still the same thing. I really do not worry too much about that until after the season is over."

While's #15 nationally rated SLB has been evasive about his recruitment; he did give us some insight with this comment.

"The same people are calling, but I have been off of my phone the past week. Ole Miss is still calling the most though."

What is going on with LSU?

"I have not been talking to them lately. I just talk to them through email, but I do not have that much time."

What is Ole Miss saying?

"About the same stuff. Coach Vaughn just checks on me and asks how I am doing and how our family is doing over here. He is always calling to check up on our people over here."

Coach Vaughn and Willie are cousins and that has carried some weight with Ferrell.

"It just gives you that trust factor, you know."

Has Willie had a chance to set up any official visits?

"No, I will get to that after the season is over, but I did go over to FSU a couple of times unofficially. We talk a little bit. We have the playoffs going on right now, so I do not have any time for that stuff right now though."

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