Houston Nutt -

Ole Miss went into Tiger Stadium and took care of LSU. Go inside to read Houston Nutt's comments about the win.

I was really proud of our team. I always love coming down here, love the atmosphere. It is big time football, and I always enjoy playing down here, coaching down here. To see the joy on the players' faces is to me why you are in it. There are some seniors in there right now that just love football. I love their attitude, their hunger. They are leaving everything out there on the field. We ask them to lay your heart on the field and play the greatest game there is in the world. Just play, play hard. They are doing that. Our defense did a remarkable job guys. That is why we won. They stopped them in the trenches, stopped the run. We stopped the run, and then don't give up the big play. Offensively, we didn't get much movement in the first half, they were so good. We knew how good they were. But Jevan Snead came to play today guys. He really had a breakout game. He was so accurate and hit some passes that were awesome, critical first downs, touchdown throws. Just handling the offense. For changing the play, he checked one on the fade, he checked that when they overpopulated the line of scrimmage. He is starting to come on as a real quarterback. I am excited about that. Also, we can't forget the special teams. A year ago, that group is very different. They have a lot of pride in what they are doing. From covering kicks to punts to returns, all those things. Field goals, everything is needed. Everything is important. I am really proud, and you have to thank James Shibest.

On Jevan Snead's shoulder:

I was worried but he is so tough. I want him to get down, and he won't listen to me. When things breakdown, please get down. Learn how to slide. He won't do it. He is a tough guy. He came back, just a little sore. He didn't show any signs in the second half that anything was wrong. I am really thankful for that.

On the fake punt:

We have been sitting. We ran the reverse against Florida, and we have been working on this for about six weeks. Trying to find a time. We thought we'd run it against Auburn, didn't work out. Shibest looked at me, said ‘now'. I said ‘absolutely now.' We wanted to get a quick snap. It is a little different formation so they know something is up. It is the same formation as the reverse. Lionel is coming around for the reverse fake, so Jason Cook executed it perfectly. Throws a touch pass, with Charmin tissue around that ball where anybody can catch it. Kendrick Lewis made a big catch and a big first down for us.

On answering LSU:

Whenever you answer, especially in someone's backyard with this type of hostile crowd, it sends a message. They aren't going away. We had the attitude to keep coming back and keep fighting. Answering gives your team a lift.

On Greg Hardy:

I wish we had him the first four games. He is a difference maker. You can see it. He just puts pressure on the quarterback and plays so hard. He is so hard to block. You have to put four hands on him. Two people have to get on him. He is a disruption, so quick and fast. Wish we had him the whole year, but glad we have him now.

On the Louisiana players:

No question about it. They have been talking about this game all week. Going to see mom, going home. State of Louisiana. Those things were mentioned all week long. So excited.

On Jordan Jefferson coming in:

We switched up some things. Not change defenses or anything like that, but we did have to be more run conscious, option, speed option. Read. We had to zero in on that a little more.

On building up and handling emotions:

The quick turnaround is tough, and I am used to playing those six-day deals. It is really important how we handle our guys right now. We laid a lot of energy on that field, and we have some sore muscles. It will be important to turn this thing and get ready.

On the Magnolia Bowl:

It is a beautiful trophy. I am excited about our first Magnolia Trophy. I always like bowl trophies. That is the Magnolia Bowl. It is a start. I love it.

On differences with LSU this year:

There are a few things different. But the thing I was telling the tv people, CBS, if you talk off the names on the back of the jersey, they all look the same. They are beautiful athletes. They run and play hard. They are the defending national champions. They struggle a little bit offensively, but defensively, we felt that if we could execute, if we could make some throws, you can't rely on one thing. You can't just run the ball or just throw the ball. You can't do that against them. You have to keep them off-balance. That is why we reversed them, got in the Wild Rebel. Tried to keep them from playing fast. That is what they are good at. When they can pin their ears back, that is when they get you. I have an awesome respect for what Coach Miles has done. To win a national title, he has done an awesome job. We have a lot of respect for them.

On if the team would have answered early in the year:

It would probably be really easy looking back to say we wouldn't have but now is a lot different. Confidence. They believe they are going to score. They believe. They are executing. We don't have as many penalties, as many turnovers. That is the first time Dexter fumbled in a while. We are hanging on to it.

On the run defense:

It is Peria Jerry, Greg Hardy, Marcus Tillman, Ted Laurent, Emmanuel Stephens, Lockett, start with those guys. Even big Powe on short yardage. And the linebackers. When I first got here, everybody said I had a real weakness with linebackers and corners. I thought the linebackers have really stepped up. Ashlee Palmer, Allen Walker, Jonathan Cornell, Brumfield, Patrick Trahan. Those guys are playing good football.

On Peria Jerry:

He is an All-American. I am partial, but you have two or three All-Americans. Peria Jerry, Michael Oher, Greg Hardy, they are playing at that level, that standard. Peria is a warrior. That is a term I would like to use. He is just a fighter. Competitor that refuses to stay blocked.

On Marshay Green:

He has an awesome heart. When I first got here, we asked him to move from wide receiver, a position he loves to go play corner, because we are very thin. That shows the unselfishness. If you have been playing wideout and catching balls and reverses, and now we ask you to go cover somebody, it would be easy to say I don't want to do that, but he didn't. He brings an energy to our defense. It really helps us.

On a confidence this week:

You go by practice, and the practice tells you they are starting to get it. It is fun for them, they want to learn, and they are intent in meetings. No one is late, Tim Mullins said nobody is trying to get out of practice. They are in a hurry to get here. Those traits say we are gaining confidence and getting on a roll. We have to finish out, tough game, have to finish out.

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