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The following are Ole Miss player quotes after a 31-13 win over LSU Saturday at Tiger Stadium.

Dexter McCluster (on winning another key road game): It's great. It was even louder than when we beat Florida in the Swamp. One heartbeat came together and pulled together as a team. The defense did a real good job stopping the run. A couple of interceptions turned the game around. Jevan threw some deep balls to receivers. The line blocked very well. (on whether he felt the deep ball would be there in this game): Oh yeah. Mike can run and we knew Jevan can throw it. They were on the same page and connected. (on what's it like to be a receiver on a team with Jevan Snead as quarterback): It's great because you know he's going to get it there no matter what. Jevan's a great quarterback, and we have trust in him. (on how big was it that the defense stopped them after he fumbled): It was great. The defense went out there and made a big stop. You never want to fumble but it happened. We capitalized on it and kept moving and won. (on how the team stays together and plays through adversity when earlier in the season it did not do so): We just know what's at stake. The coaching staff has great trust in us to go out there and play hard to get the job done. We believe in them too. It's believing that no matter what, we can get the job done. (on how the team must forget the LSU game and focus on the MSU game): It's another challenge. Tomorrow we watch film and get loose a little bit and get the soreness out of us. We're taking it one day at a time. (on how big this win is for the players from Louisiana): I'm from Florida, and I know how big that game was for me. We have a lot of guys from down here, and they showed up bigtime tonight.

Mike Wallace (on Jevan): Jevan came out to play today. He told me before the game he was ready. He showed me that on the first drive. He was on the money. (on overcoming adversity): We're really finding ourselves as a team. The old way we might get down and everything. But now we don't get down and we know everything will be OK.

Kentrell Lockett (on the win in Louisiana): It's big. Just like I told y'all before, it's bragging rights for me for a year. Now I can go home and say whatever I want to say. It will be a lovely Christmas. You saw us on the field after the game. It was crazy out there. (on the defensive play): Everybody's taking it personally. Nobody wants to be the weak link. Coach Nix always talks about the weak links, and nobody wants to be called out as the weakest link. So we come out and play strong every play.

Ashlee Palmer (on the Rebels' defensive front): That front four. Whew, they're something to reckon with. Don't nobody want to touch them right now. (on Peria Jerry): He's a monster. He's unblockable. He's quick, fast, strong. He's everything a D-lineman should be right now. He's something else. (on the postgame celebration): Exciting. Came here and wanted the win and got the win. Now it's on to bigger things. (on coming down to Baton Rouge to win): We knew we could win. We had a good week of preparation. It was a tremendous week of practice, and we left it all out there on the field.

Peria Jerry (on LSU changing QBs in the game): When Jefferson came in, it kind of slowed up our pass rush a little bit since he's a running quarterback. He made a couple of good throws, but for the most part we stopped him. (on why the defense was so successful against the run): I feel that's what we're best at. We've got a good front four. We did OK on the run and the pass. Greg came in on third down and gave us a good rush. A good rush helps out our secondary. (on the gameplan): We knew if we could stop them on first and second down and get them in third and long we could win the ballgame.

Jason Cook (on the win): This is the first time in five years I've been here that we've beat this team. The feeling is indescribable. To put the work in day in day out, week in week out, year in year out, we're finally seeing that harvest come in and are reaping the benefits. (on the passing game working early and the running game late): That's the beauty of an offensive system with how close we are now. Give credit to LSU. Their front four and front eight are incredible. We couldn't get anything going at first and Jevan picked us up. He made some really big throws and got us going. (on playing from ahead): I'm more nervous when we're that far ahead. There can't be any letdown and you just trust your teammates. Tonight nobody dropped the rope. We kept plugging away and the defense played amazing. (on getting ready for MSU): Keep doing what we're doing. Watch film and correct what needs to be corrected. Lot of stuff needs to be corrected. Then get our minds set on Mississippi State and hopefully go in and get that Egg Bowl.

Brandon Bolden (in winning in Louisiana): Big win for the whole team. We just came home and did what we had to do. I'm glad to be here (at Ole Miss) and have Coach Nutt as a coach. We started slow but as the game went on we kept plugging away. Eventually things fell our way. (on the passing game working early to help the running game): That's what we were thinking. Get the passing game working and let the corners and safeties back off and give the running game some room.

Kendrick Lewis: (on the defense stopping LSU): We prepared all week. We knew they'd try to run the ball. We challenged each other that we were going to stop them. We played with a lot of intensity and were able to accomplish our goals. (on being a receiver for a play): Felt good and my eyes lit up when he called that play. It was a wonderful feeling. I knew it was going to be open. It was a good pass and I was able to make a play. Cook threw a wonderful pass. We work on it every day. I only dropped it one time in practice. (on winning in Louisiana): Coming back home you have to protect your house. When we played in Florida, the guys from Florida showed out. When we came down here, we wanted to compete and show out for the guys. (on having a sack, catch, and interception): It feels good. My goal is to help the team. I made plays when they counted.

Jevan Snead (on winning today): Very excited to be able to win on the road in such a great place against a good team and pull off a victory. (on his early start): Felt great. Been a while since I had a start like that. Felt good to get rolling. Thanks to the offensive line and the receivers. (on his shoulder): Little dinged up. Nothing bad. Went to the training room and checked it out. It was fine. Started working it and came out and threw the ball, just keeping it active pretty much. (on any hindrance from it): Nothing much. Bothered me a little bit but not really bad. I feel fortunate for that. Could have been much worse. I'm just a little bruised up. (on the passing game working early, and then the running game taking off): They made some adjustments, and also our offensive line was ready to come out and control their D-line. They have a great D-line. Our offensive line did a tremendous job of moving the ball.

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