Bama QB still plans to take Ole Miss visit's #13 nationally rated QB has finished his football season and now the focus has shifted to recruiting. Where does Ole Miss stand? To learn more, read below.

The 6' 3 1/2", 180 pound signal caller out of Mobile (AL) was hanging out with his father last week watching a little of the Ball State come from behind victory over Central Michigan when we called.

"We are just sitting around watching the game," added Tony McCarron, A.J.'s father. "Hey, there are not anymore (football) games on TV, and we have to watch something. I would rather watch football than the stock report (laugh)."

A.J. McCarron completed his football season at St. Pauls Episcopal School and is now concentrating on basketball, oddly enough, his first true love.

"That is what a lot of people do not know about A.J.. Basketball is his favorite sport. Now he understands that football and baseball are his best sports, but he has always loved basketball the most," added Tony. "They are two games into their season and they are 1-1. He is just having a good time. That is the biggest thing, just getting away from the chaos of recruiting and having fun. He has started getting ready for the AL/MS All-Star game (that is being played on December 13th). He has started tossing the ball around. We wanted him to take a couple of weeks off to let his shoulder rest. Everything is going great for A.J. right now."

McCarron was scheduled to take in an official visit to Ole Miss a couple weeks back but some confusion on when his transcript was to be turned in to the NCAA clearinghouse prevented him from taking the visit. Has a visit been rescheduled yet?

"We have not set up anything yet. A.J. has just been so busy. He has not had the time to set it up yet. I told Coach Dickerson (at Ole Miss) that when we get a chance to sit down and look at it, we will reschedule the visit, but it will have to be after the MS/AL and Army All-American (January 3rd) games. It will have to be after the Christmas break. We will probably schedule it on a weekend in January when Ole Miss is playing a home basketball game because he wants to see their hoops team play too. Like I said, basketball has always been his favorite sport, so he wants to visit these schools when they have a home game, if possible. But A.J. is looking forward to meeting with Coach Nutt again. I do know that."

Does's #13 nationally ranked QB still plan to take an official visit to Oklahoma and Miami?

"Yes, those are the only other two outside of Ole Miss and Alabama that he wants to go to. He will probably take an official visit to Alabama now, but it will be after the (alabama football) season. We originally said we were not going to take an official visit to Alabama because he had already been over there so much that it would just be a waste of time, but there are some things that he has not seen at Alabama. He has yet to meet with an academic advisor from Alabama, and we need to see what type of programs they are offering and if it matches up to what we are looking for A.J. to study."

Has Miami and Oklahoma stayed in phone contact with A.J.?

"He still gets mail, but the last time we talked to them on the phone was right after his season was over. I told them that we will call them back to set up the official visit, and they have honored my request. They know, along with Ole Miss, that we fully plan on taking a visit to see their school."

A.J. was actually going to take an official visit to LSU but the Tiges said no thanks.

"Yea, he was going to take his official visit to see LSU play Alabama, but they said they were not going to let him come over there and take that chance of him recruiting for Alabama (laugh). But A.J. was never going to do that. When you commit as early as A.J. did, and actively recruit to the school you are committed to, that is the risk you take. I guess they want to save their visits for the kids they actually think they can sign, but we would never visit someone without an open mind. But hey, I certainly understood. Georgia did not want him to sit with their recruits when they played Alabama. They did not want to run that risk either."

Was LSU actively recruiting A.J. before he wanted to take the trip?

"LSU has always been active. We do not hear from their coaches anymore, but they send 4 or 5 letters a week."

Have Ole Miss, Oklahoma, or Miami shared the same concerns as LSU and Georgia?

"No, nobody else has ever mentioned it being a problem. It was more or less the fact that LSU and Georgia were playing Alabama that day. We also have a little better understanding with those schools (OM, Okl, Miami). They know where we stand."

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