Fletcher Cox to attend Egg Bowl

Scout.com's #37 nationally ranked defensive end has seen his senior season pass him by right before his very own eyes.

"Man, it all happened so fast," added the reminiscing Fletcher Cox. "It seemed like yesterday when I was in summer conditioning drills. I just can't believe it is over."

Yazoo City was eliminated by Itawamba AHS in the second round of the playoffs, but that does not take away from the success that Fletcher and his team had on the field.

"We had a lot of young guys who really developed. I think next year they are going to make a run for it. All of the young guys started to understand their positions and our schemes. It was fun watching them grow. I had a pretty good season too. I worked hard to have the season I had though."

The 6' 3", 240 pound defensive end was unsure of his statistics for the season but one game stood out above the others.

"The Ridgeland game I made a lot of big plays that night. Coach told me that he needed me to make some big plays, and get after the passer, and I did. The team needed me, and I came through for them. I had a few sacks and a couple of key defensive plays to win the game."

Cox has one more game left on the high school level before he takes his talents to the collegiate level.

"I am playing in the MS/AL All-Star game on December 13th. It is a great honor to get to play in that game. Some of the best players in Mississippi did not get picked, so if you were picked, you know that it meant something."

Cox has had the chance to watch MSU, the school he is committed to, play three times this fall in person, including Saturday's victory over Arkansas.

"It was a great game. Both teams played hard until the end, but MSU won."

Fletcher has been keying in on MSU's defense for the most part.

"I just love to watch anybody's defense play. I am a defensive guy. I want to see how their defense performs, and they (MSU) performed Saturday. I am just there to see how they do, and how I would fit in."

How does Cox want to be utilized on defense?

"I want to be a rush end. I can play the pass or the run. I can even cover, what ever they want to do, I know I can do it."

A few of the college scouts have seen the Dandy Dozen play in person this season.

"Coaches Cheese (MSU), Rocker (Ole Miss), and Davis (Alabama) have come see me play. We talk all of the time. All of those coaches are really good people."

What is Alabama telling Cox?

"Coach Davis is always talking about my education more than football. He just wants me to come over there and check it out."

Has Fletcher ever visited the Alabama campus?

"Yes sir. It is a pretty good place. Everything is nice, the campus and facilities. I also liked the people I met while I was over there."

What is Ole Miss saying to Cox?

"Coach Nix and I talk a lot. He is a great guy, real good guy. He is always calling and checking on me. They also want to get me over there for a game. I am actually going to see them play Friday in the Egg Bowl. They are probably recruiting me hardest. They get a different coach to call me every week. It has given me a chance to get to know some of those guys over there.

Interestingly, Fletcher has never visited the Oxford campus.

"No, I have never been there before. I committed to MSU so early, I never got a chance to go, so I am looking forward to getting over there and checking it out. I can't wait to see that game though. That is what I am most excited about."

Fletcher feels like he has built a bond with Coach Cheese at MSU that goes further than recruiting.

"He is always telling me to stay out of trouble and to not hang out with the wrong people. He wants me to just be me, a leader. He is always asking about how everyone in my family doing, not just me or my mother. Coach Cheese is always asking about my sister, my uncle, just everyone in my family. He is worried about my family, not just as a coach, but as a friend. That is what I like about him."

Does Fletcher plan on taking some official visits?

"Yes, I am going to take some official visits. I do not know where, but I am going to take some. I am going to take them in January."

What has the MSU staff said about this decision to visit competing schools?

"I told them that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I told them that I am still going to sign with MSU. Nothing is going to change, so there really is nothing to it. I do not think they are real happy about it, but I committed early, so why would I change my mind now? I just want to see some places like Ole Miss that I had never seen before because I committed so early. But MSU is just me. That is where I am going."

Are there anymore colleges keeping in contact right now?

"I also hear from USM and Michigan. Those are pretty much the main schools right now."

What is going on with Southern Miss?

"Coach Hughes is always calling. Coach Fedora calls a lot too and checks up on me. They are always just checking up on me. Everybody just wants to get me in there for a visit and meet everyone. Coach Hopson (from Michigan) too. They are no different."

What is Fletcher looking for in a college?

"I just want to go somewhere where they can work on my footwork, play early, and feel like the people around me care about me. That's all. I am not a real difficult person or anything."

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