Rebels bringing in Juco OT

Logan Clair left Mustang High (Okl) as a 6' 5", 265 pound left tackle looking for a new home.

"I was hoping to get some more looks," added Logan Clair. "I was not really big enough yet, and I wanted to work on that and my strength, so I took a scholarship here at N' East Oklahoma."

That decision was a wise one as Logan has started at left tackle in every game the past two seasons.

"My freshman year, we went 4-5, but I learned a lot. It was a big transition. It was a lot harder and tougher. Everyone was a lot stronger, and they were as big or bigger than me. But I gained 15 to 20 pounds, learned the system, and everything was moving in slow motion by the end of my freshman season.

By the summer, the frame had extended to 6' 5", 305 and he had raised his bench from a mere 285 in high school to 350. A monster sophomore season followed.

"I pretty much had my way out there this year. I made 1st Team (SWJCFC) All-Conference, and I am waiting on the All-American team to be announced."

Logan entered the juco ranks as a pass blocking specialist because his old high school, Mustang, ran the run and shoot.

"I think my biggest strength is pass blocking because that is all I did in high school, but when I got over here, I started playing for a hard nosed coach. He loves to run the ball, and that is all we have done over here. It really helped to round out my game. But I still think I am a better pass blocker, but I am pretty good at run blocking too."

On the recruiting front, things were kind of slow until last Spring. That is when Logan had a college scout come to one of his practices.

"Coach Markuson (from Ole Miss) came by in April to see one of our practices. He called me soon after that and we started talking. He told me right after the Spring game that he loved how I played."

That relationship continued throughout the summer.

"He couldn't call me because of the rules, but I kept in contact with him all throughout the summer. We just talked about football and how school was going. He kept telling me to keep developing and everything would work out."

The season was cranked up, and Coach Markuson took the message a step further.

"He started calling me once a week back in September. We would just small talk, and talk about my game, and he would take about his. We would go over some technique issues I had. Then about two weeks ago, he called me and told me that I pretty much had an offer. I just needed to get down there and meet the whole staff, so I am coming down on my official visit on Thursday and I leave on Saturday."

Quality junior college offensive tackles who are midsemester transfers are at a premium, and several schools are trying to get in the mix outside of Ole Miss.

"I am going to have to get real serious with this in a hurry. I went to North Texas State a couple of weekends back. Ole Miss did not know if they were going to bring me in last or this weekend, so I did not set up anything last weekend. But I am talking to Oklahoma State about coming in for a visit the weekend after Ole Miss, and Kansas State has started calling too. Those are pretty much all of the schools involved."

What will Clair focus on while he is on his Ole Miss trip?

"I will look at everything, pretty much. Ole Miss told me that I am going to stay in the hotel where the team is staying, and I am going to eat with the team and all of that. They said I am going to be pretty much like a part of the team. I am going to watch them walk through their fans before the game. They told me that it was a real neat thing they do down there. They are going to let me go in the locker room with the team before the game, so I am going to be just focusing on their facilities, game day atmosphere, and just seeing if I fit in with the players and coaches."

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