Practice Report: Wednesday

The Ole Miss Rebels wrapped up the grueling preparations for Friday's 11:30 a.m. Egg Bowl battle with Mississippi State with a 1 1/2-hour, full-speed workout on the practice fields Wednesday. Read about it inside.

The Ole Miss Rebels wrapped up full-speed preparations for Friday's 11:30 a.m. Egg Bowl against Mississippi State with what Reb Coach Houston Nutt called "a very good practice."

"We had good concentration today and the guys really moved around well," said Nutt. "Monday, we were not as crisp from breaking our usual routine of taking Monday's off. There was a lot of soreness left over from the LSU game, but we picked it up yesterday and finished things off this week with a real good practice today.

"We expected Monday to be an off day, really. They were coming off that hard-hitting game at LSU and we broke their routine. We are all creatures of habit and it was hard to rebound as quickly as past weeks. Plus, it's that time of the year - everyone is worn down a little, but as I said, the last two days have been really good."

Nutt was immediately asked about QB Jevan Snead, who has a sore shoulder and has been limited this week, and CB Marshay Green, who missed yesterday's practice with a heel spur.

"They both looked pretty good today," said Houston. "We are being cautious with Jevan by limiting his throws, but he'll be fine by Friday. We are encouraged by their progress. I am expecting Jevan to be able to make every type of throw Friday and for us to be able to go through with our full gameplan."

The Rebels will have a morning walk-through workout Thursday and then head to Tupelo, where they will have a late afternoon Thanksgiving "dinner" with coaches, players and their families. Thursday night will be last meetings and lights out.

Random Notes:

* CB Marshay Green missed Tuesday's practice with a heel spur. He was dressed out and practicing Wednesday, as anticipated, and he didn't appear to have any problems fielding punts in the early portion of practice. Nutt feels he will be ready for Friday's game. If so, Green and senior Dustin Mouzon will start at the corners and Cassius Vaughn will be the third corner.

* In pregame warmups Wednesday, QB Jevan Snead, who has had a sore shoulder since the LSU game and has been limited in practice, threw the ball with more velocity than in previous days. He is still expected to play Friday against Mississippi State.

* The NCAA/SEC sent a ruling down Wednesday prohibiting Ole Miss administrative assistant Danny Nutt from being on the Rebel sidelines during games. They ruled Danny is actively coaching and nobody but the head coach, nine assistants and two grad assistants are allowed to "coach" during games. Houston Nutt protested the ruling, stating "Danny is not coaching. He's encouraging players, but not coaching them." Houston Nutt's objections fell on unsympathetic ears, it appears, despite the fact that there are several ex-coaches who roam the sidelines of SEC games at other schools. The other two administrative assistants on Houston's staff - Mike Beaumont and Clifton Ealy - are permitted to be on the sidelines, as well as any administrative assistants in the conference. Danny Nutt was singled out. It appears the pseudo-campaign some disgruntled Razorbacks waged against Danny and the Nutts got a response. A pure case of vindictiveness and a fishing expedition by Arkansas that got a bite. Sad deal.

* Tuesday night, the annual Turkey Bowl was contested in the IPF. The Turkey Bowl is a flag football game between the Student Managers and Trainers that is waged every year before the Egg Bowl. In this one, the Managers got the best of the Trainers, barely edging them 54-7, in a revenge match. The Trainers had won the last two Turkey Bowls. Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt presented the trophy to the winning team after the game and about three dozen members of the Rebel football team and the Reb coaching staff attended the heated contest. The Trainers scored first, but then the Managers turned it on, scoring 54 straight points. Prior to the game, the Trainers were "upset" by something they thought was a slight. The Managers were decked out in Rebel game jerseys because they control the equipment. The Trainers were dressed out in used practice jerseys. The Trainers will be seeking revenge next year. . .

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