Rebs trying to get in the game with Josh Boyd

The 6' 3", 275 pound defensive lineman out of Philadelphia (MS) has been one of MSU's most staunch commitments but after the dismissal of their head coach it has left the door cracked for competing schools.

"USM and Ole Miss came by my house Monday night," added Josh Boyd. "In the next couple of days, Auburn (Tuesday), Michigan (Wed), and LSU (Thursday) are coming by."

What did the Rebels say to Josh during their inhome visit?

"Coach Nix just wanted me to know that he really wants me to become a Rebel, in case I change my mind. He said they will wait on me until signing day if needed."

What were his selling points?

"They have a really good academic program. He told my mom how I can get my degree, and that really impressed her."

What stood out during the visit?

"Just their whole academic program. That will give me something to fall back on. That is really important to me."

Josh had a chance to watch the Egg Bowl and came away surprised.

"I did not want to see MSU go down like that, but Ole Miss just played so good. I did not know their programs were that far apart."

Does that help Ole Miss' cause?

"Yea, you could say that. I just like how their defensive line plays. That was the first time I just really studied them. They are pretty much the best defensive line I have seen this year. They have a really good system in place."

What did Coach Hughes (USM) say during his inhome visit?

"Pretty much the same stuff that Ole Miss said. He talked about their academics and how they expect to improve."

What caught Boyd's ear?

"I guess their academic program is what stood out to me. They still have a little ways to go."

Has Boyd set up any official visits?

"Me and my mom have sat down and talked about it, but we are waiting to see who MSU hires first."

What is MSU telling Josh?

"They are just telling me that they are going to hire someone that is going to make things interesting again at MSU. I just want to see who they hire."

What is Josh looking for in the new hire?

"I want a person who is going to tell me the truth like Coach Croom. I want a coach who is going to tell me like it really is, not what I want to hear."

Have any colleges made a move with Boyd since the coaching turnover at MSU?

"I can not really say because I am so consumed with the stuff that is going on at MSU right now."

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