David Conner ready to switch to Ole Miss?

South Panola's main weapon on defense was not shocked when he heard the news that Coach Tuberville was let go.

"I knew something was up because I had not heard from them the last couple of weeks," added David Conner. "I knew they were not playing good, and I was reading the rumors going around, so it did not surprise me."

Before Coach Tuberville was rumored to be on his way out, David had already started leaning towards Ole Miss when the Rebels showed him renewed interest around a month ago. Conner took in the Egg Bowl last weekend to get one more last look.

"I watched it. I loved it. I just thought that Ole Miss would come in and win. They were dominate the whole game. They played together, and they came out on top like Coach Nutt wanted. I just think that is how things will be with Coach Nutt there."

Did the Egg Bowl showing spark even more interest for David?

"No doubt. I just plan on being at a college that can do that next year and be dominate. I like Ole Miss a lot."

When was the last time Conner spoke to Ole Miss?

"I talked to them Tuesday evening before the Egg Bowl. Coach Markuson congratulated me on my season and all of our wins. He told me to have a great game. Coach told me that a lot of MSU people were bragging, and he wanted to show everyone that there is no comparison, and I think that is what they did."

The Rebels extended a scholarship offer to David after a phone conversation with Coach Nutt.

"Coach Nutt came over a while back and offered me a full scholarship. He said he believed in me even though I am not the right height for my position (safety). He looked me in the eye, and I looked him in the eye, and he really inspired me. Coach showed me that I can put my faith in his hands."

Has Ole Miss asked David to commit yet?

"We have not gotten to that point. Coach Nutt always tells me to take my time, and that I have a spot when ever I am ready to make a decision. That is what I like about Coach. He does not pressure me. Coach just tells me to take my time and do not rush it."

Conner has formed a tight bond with another highly recruited player inside the state of Mississippi.

"The only player I talk to is WR Chad Bumphis. Me and him talk and text each other everyday. We feel like we are cousins or brothers. We just have grown so close since we started talking last year. We are hoping that we end up at the same school."

For now, David has a more pressing issue on his mind, as South Panola is putting its 88 game winning streak on the line in the Class 5A State Championship Friday.

"It is exciting to get to play Meridian. We played them in the championship game a couple years back, and they were tough. They have a pretty good team, and we have a pretty good team. They have a great passing game, and we have a great running game, but we can throw the ball too. We are going to try and be well balanced and see who comes out on top."

What will be the keys to the game?

"The key to the game will be to get in Tyler Russell's grill and hit him a couple of times. A lot of the teams that he has played against this year have not been hitting him, so we want to hit him hard and daze him. We want to let him know what 5A football is suppose to be. Tyler is a great QB. That is why he committed to MSU, but we want to rough him up a little bit and see how he reacts."

David leads the team in tackles (98) and is second on the squad in sacks.

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