Nutt visits with 5-Star WR Marlon Brown's #4 nationally rated wide receiver had a couple of visitors today at his school.

"Ohio State and Ole Miss came by today," added Marlon Brown.

The 6' 5", 205 pound Harding Aca standout visited the Buckeyes in October, and they continue to keep a close eye on their prized recruit.

"Coach Hazzle just came by to say hey and keep in touch with me. He is always keeping close tabs with me (laugh)."

The Rebels had not been in the picture at all, but they sent in their head coach Thursday to see if they could get in the game.

"Coach Nutt called me last night, and asked me if it were alright if he came and saw me, and I told him it that was fine. It was my first chance to get to meet him."

What was Brown's first impression of the Ole Miss head coach?

"He was very honest and genuine. I thought Coach Nutt was very down to earth. He did not have any ego or anything like that. I enjoyed him."

Did the visit earn the Rebels a future visit?

"It could. I do not know yet. I have a full schedule set up, but I might go down there unofficially to check things out. I just do not know yet."

What does Brown's visit schedule look like?

"I have already been to Georgia and Ohio State, and I am going to LSU (1/10), Florida (1/24), and Tennessee (1/31)."

There is one common trait with his schools of choice.

"They all have head coaches that are down to earth and honest. That is all I can ask for."

What will be the deciding factor when it comes decision time?

"I want a good head coach and a good wide receiver coach. That is it."

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