Bobbie Massie -

Massie the massive visited Ole Miss over the weekend. How did the official go for the 6-8, 330-pounder from Hargrave Military Academy? Read about it inside.

To say the least, Bobby Massie sticks out in a crowd.

After all, there aren't many 6-8, 330-pound people walking around and the ones who are don't have Massie's skills on a football field.

Massie, who is in prep school at Hargrave Military Academy, took an official visit to Ole Miss over the weekend.

"I had a great time, a really good time," said Massie. "The people at Ole Miss are fantastic. The players, the coaches - they are so laid back. Everyone there is just, you know, real."

Massie said Ole Miss has all the things he's looking for in a school.

"I want a place where I can come in and play as a freshman. With Michael Oher leaving, and Ole Miss needing starters and depth on the OL, I think I would have a great chance at that," he continued. "I also want a place where I am comfortable and I could tell I would be comfortable there. All the players and coaches were fun to be around and you could tell they have a happy family on the team and staff.

"I am also looking for a place where I can get good academic support. The academic side of things at Ole Miss was very good, what I need in a school."

Bobby was also inspired by the practice session he got to watch.

"Not one time did I hear anyone yell or scream. They coached, the players had fun, but they worked hard. That's a great atmosphere to play in and you could tell they were serious, but having fun," he added. "Football is supposed to be fun. They have fun at Ole Miss."

Massie said it's too early for him to name a leader - he has three more visits set up - Miami, Alabama and Georgia.

"Coach (Houston) Nutt will be visiting my Mom real soon and I am excited about that, but I am not ready to name a leader or a pecking order," he said. "I'll just say Ole Miss was impressive, very impressive."

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