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Ricardo Dixon, the talented cornerback from Hallandale, FL, visited Ole Miss over the weekend with high school teammate Korvic Neat. How did his look at the Rebels go? Read about it inside.

Hallandale, Florida's Ricardo Dixon came to Ole Miss for an official visit over the weekend with Hallandale teammate Korvic Neat.

Dixon, previously committed to the University of South Florida, talked to The Ole Miss Spirit about his visit.

"Ole Miss is a pretty special place," said Dixon. "I had a great time. The players are like brothers, man, and that's cool to me. I really enjoyed hanging out with Dexter (McCluster). He's funny and talented and he really loves Ole Miss. He sold me hard on the Rebels (laugh)."

Dixon said he has a lot of pondering to do.

He is committed to the University of South Florida and says he's still committed to them, but his head was turned on this visit.

"Ole Miss could be an opportunity to get out of the Miami area, if I want that. I really liked the small town atmosphere of Ole Miss, but at the same time there is still plenty to do because it is a college town," Ricardo noted. "You feel safe there."

Dixon said there are no drawbacks to Ole Miss.

"It's got everything anyone would want," he closed. "For me, now it's just a matter of personal taste and geography. I have to weigh a lot of things."

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