McCray reaffirms his commitment

Arguably Mississippi's top offensive line prospect committed to the Rebels early in the recruiting process, but he had his doubts along the way. Did his official visit to Ole Miss help solidify his verbal?

"It really did, most definitely" added Emmanuel McCray. "I got all my unanswered questions answered. I feel really good about my commitment now."

Which questions did he have going into the visit?

"I wanted to know how the coaches are at practice. We watched practice Saturday, and I wanted to know if it is always that fun and intense because they were having so much fun out there. I asked John Jerry and Michael Oher about their practices, and they said it is like a family environment. It is not all quiet at practices where the coaches are running it like a military environment. Their coaches allow them to have a good time. They make football fun. I could tell the players were enjoyed themselves."

"Another question I had was how laid back was the town? It is a college town. Everything is real accessible. Everything you need is right there. Another thing that my mom wanted to make sure was how safe it is around there. I do not want a lot of whole lot of trouble, and we found out that there is very little, if any, crime that goes around in Oxford. That was good to know. You know how mom's are; they always want to make sure their baby is safe. That was more of an issue with her than me."

"The last question I had was how hard the classes are? John Jerry said if you come to class on time, show the teacher that you are paying attention, you can't help but to do good. He said the main thing was attending the classes, and if you are paying attention, you will catch yourself leaning something. But the clincher was learning about their tutoring programs. They take care of their student athletes at Ole Miss. You get a tutor for every single one of your classes. That was probably another big issue with my mother (laugh)."

Emmanuel brought his mother up to Oxford for the second time in as many months.

"We came to the Auburn game too, and we drove around and looked at the campus. She thought it looked safe and thought it was really kept up. She had a nice conversation with their staff at the Auburn game, but this time she got to spend the whole weekend with them. She probably threw out more questions to them than they knew what to do with, knowing her (laugh). She has got to know about everything. That's just the way she is, but she had a lot of fun. She feels really good about me coming up to school there next year."

Coach Nutt had an interesting point to relay to McCray during their one on one meeting on Sunday.

"He told me that I was going to make it easier for him to recruit other linemen and running backs. He said when goes into a tailback's house, he can show them that he has a player like me committed to block for him. I told him that I would help out anyway that I could, and I am probably going to come back up here a couple of more times to help them recruit some other players."

One recruit that Emmanuel built a bond with over the weekend was OT Bobby Massie.

"That's my boy. He is real cool. That boy is big. I know that (laugh). He pretty much covered me up standing next to him (laugh). Bobby said that he had us in the Top 5. I just hope he makes the right decision. I also got to talk to Kendrick Hardy a lot. He said it was down to Ole Miss and USM. And the other Florida guys, (Korvic) Neat and (Ricardo) Dixon. They were real cool too. We talked a lot. I am going to be calling those guys. They are good people."

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