Chad Bumphis sets up official visit with OM's #20 nationally rated wide receiver arrived in Mobile Monday night along with the rest of teammates from Mississippi.

"It was nice getting down here and seeing all of the guys," added Chad Bumphis. "It has been a while since we have all been together. I have a lot of friends over here with me."

Playing in this game is an honor for the 2008 Dandy Dozen selection.

"There are just so many good players down here, and there were a lot of good players from Mississippi who were left off of the team. That just goes to show you how much talent we have in Mississippi. We hope we can make it two in a row (against Alabama). That is everyone's goal."

Is there any pressure to extend the winning streak after Alabama had dominated the previous years.

"I do not know if you would say it is pressure, but we certainly have one goal in common , and that is to have some state pride and bring it back home (to Mississippi)."

The Magnolia state has a handful of receivers who are highly recruited, Bumphis is just happy to be amongst them.

"I am kind of the scat back, and then you have Pat Patterson who can just physically manhandle anyone out here. Kevin Norwood can fly and he has height and hands too. Billy Hamilton is one of the more underrated players out here. Tevin Blanchard is real elusive. We have playmakers all over the field. There is so much talent out here. We just can't wait to gel and get everything together."

The defense backfield has been giving the receivers an ear full.

"David Conner and Dennis Thames have been talking some noise. Those are my boys though."

Recruiting has taken a back seat to getting prepared for the MS/AL-All-Star game, but he has managed to set up three of his five official visits.

"I am going to Alabama (1/9), Florida (1/16), and Ole Miss (1/23). I am waiting to see who MSU hires to see when I am going to get that one set up. Those are really the main schools right now."

There have been many different rumors swirling around about where Chad could possibly be headed on the next level, and Bumphis has a hunch why.

"I might feel strong about a school one week, but then the next, I might be leaning somewhere else. It keeps going back and forth. They all have their positives. Alabama has a great team coming back next year. Ole Miss likes to get the ball in their playmakers hands. I know some of the guys over there at MSU, and I liked some of their old staff. And Florida, my favorite receiver is Percy Harvin, and he is leaving Florida. I love how they utilize him. I really have no clue where I am going right now."

Any recruiting going on amongst the peers at the All-Star classic?

"Oh yea, you got your MSU boys say come here, and you got your Ole Miss boys say come join us. It is all in fun though. Everyone is just focused on winning the game. That is what we are here for. Most of us already have our scholarships so it is not about that. It is about having some state pride."

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