Great Scott!

Florida's reigning Class 2A Player of the Year headed on his trip to Ole Miss with a couple of lingering questions on his mind. All issues were answered and Rodney Scott is now headed to Ole Miss! To learn more, read below.

"I wanted to know how much they are going to run the ball, and how tight the coaches are with the players," added Rodney Scott.

Scott found just what he was looking for.

"I know they are going to run the ball (laugh), so I am all good. And as far as the coaches, I have never been around a staff that is this close with their players. Coach Nutt is like a father to all of them. It is amazing how much they respect Coach Nutt."

All of the information that was gathered was good enough for Rodney to go ahead and pull the trigger.

"I went ahead and committed. I talked it over with my parents this weekend. My father came with me on the trip, and we thought it was best to go ahead and get this over with. I just feel the most comfortable with their coaches and it is where I want to be."

What was Ole Miss' response?

"Coaches Nutt and Vaughn jumped out of their chair and told me it is time to win a championship. We just all gave each other a hug, and then I went back to my hotel room and packed up my bags. I am on my way to the airport right now. Everyone is just really excited, real excited."

Clemson and South Florida were in line for an official visit, but not anymore.

"I am done with my visits. This is it for me. That is why I never officially scheduled a visit with anyone else, because I knew if I liked it over at Ole Miss, that is where I was going."

Mr. Scott was also impressed with what he saw at Ole Miss.

"As a parent, I was more focused on the academics and living arrangements. I was very impressed with the Fed Ex center," added Mr. Scott. "If you take care of your business in the classroom, they give you ample support to get the job done. And I like how they make their freshmen live together in the dorm room. Rodney might not love that idea, but as parents, we feel like it is good for him to have some supervision in his first year away from home. Ole Miss has a very impressive campus and university as a whole. Their alumni should be very proud of their product. We have visited several other campuses and none of them hold a candle to Ole Miss'."

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