Sawyer likes what he sees on SEC visit's #53 nationally rated cornerback took in his first official visit over the weekend to the University of Mississippi.

How did the trip go?

"It went really good," stated Charles Sawyer. "I brought my father over here with me, and he really liked it too."

Mr. Sawyer had the same sentiment.

"The trip was basically for me to see if the environment was safe for my son, and I wanted him to see a different culture than he is use to," added Charles Sawyer II. "Everything went great, actually. It was more than I expected."

Why was it more than he was expecting?

"Well, to be honest, I had never been to Mississippi before. But when I got there, his education is very important to me, and we met with their academic staff and they left no questions unturned. Charles would do great in that academic environment, and the surroundings are very safe in Oxford. I do not think they get much crime over there (laugh). It is such a beautiful and hospitable place. Everyone is so into Ole Miss over there. It is a true college town. I would have no problem sending my son to Ole Miss."

Charles Jr had one thing in common with his father.

"It was better than I was expecting it to be because I did not know really what to expect. But when I got there, it was an eye opener. I loved it. It is a lot smaller than Miami, but it is a nice place to live though. It is what a college town should be like."

There were a few issues Charles wanted to see for himself before he went on the trip.

"I wanted to see what the environment was like, and I wanted to see how the players are, and how they practice. I am glad I got to see them practice both days. I also wanted to see what my living conditions would be like."

What did the Coral Reef (FL) product learn about the players at Ole Miss?

"I fit in real good with the players. Dustin Mouzon was my host, and from the first time he took me out until I left, I fit in really good with their players. All of their players have bonded together. They have a family atmosphere at Ole Miss. I was very impressed."

How about the practices?

"It was real nice. They are so organized. It is way different than our practices. The players like it. They get all excited during practice. They use the same tempo as they do in the games. The practices really stood out to me the most."

And the living arrangements?

"The freshman year you have to live in the dorm, but they are building a brand new athletic dorm for us, so our class would be the first ones to live in it. They showed us the renderings for the dorm, and it is going to be really nice. And after your freshman year, you get to move into an apartment if you want to."

One more question was answered with a positive result.

"I wanted to see their depth chart at my position (CB), and I saw that they are low on numbers. I think I can get in there and be an impact player."

Sawyer met with Coach Nutt before he departed.

"We talked about how the trip went. I told him that I liked it, and he told me I can be a great player on his team, and he would love to have me a part of his family."

Did the Ole Miss head coach ask Charles to commit?

"No, he told me that what ever is best for me, what ever I felt in my heart, just do it because he wants what is best for me. I really respected that. I am going to go home and talk it over with my mother and go from there. Ole Miss is very high. They were the first school to offer me, first to call me, and the first school to come in my house. They are first on my list."

Who else is still under consideration?

"I am going to Vandy on January 9th. Colorado and Purdue offered me recently, and they are trying to get me to come up for a visit. North Carolina also offered me, and they want me to come over for a visit. I will sit down with my mother, and we will talk about all of my options."

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