WR Pat Patterson welcomes Nutt to his house

The 6' 3", 210 pound receiver took his talents down to the MS/AL All-Star event and there were several published reports that indicated he was the best overall WR at the contest. How does Pat feel about that?

"I am really over that stuff," added Pat Patterson. "I got what I wanted and that was a (championship) ring. Everything else is just icing on the cake."

Patterson was joined by two more highly coveted receivers in Kevin Norwood and Chad Bumphis. Pat actually roomed with Kevin for the week.

"We became really close. Kevin is just a good down to earth guy. And me and Bumphis, we have been knowing each other. It was great being around all those guys. We had a lot of fun."

What did Pat learn about himself by competing against the best?

"I learned that I can adjust to any QB who is throwing me the ball."

Patterson's focus now turns to recruiting. It did not take long for one of his leaders to arrive at his house once he got back home.

"Coaches Nutt and Nix (from Ole Miss) came by and sat down with my mother and father for a while. We had a good talk."

What was discussed?

"We just talked about their academics. They informed us that they have a tutor for you in each class you take. My mom was impressed with the way they laid it out to us."

Coaches Nix and Patterson have developed a tight relationship through the recruiting process. He was just glad to see Coach Nix after a tough loss to the Alabama squad yesterday.

"Coach Nix just always has a smile on his face. He makes you feel at ease. I do not know; he is just a real cool dude. I was also really impressed with Coach Nutt. He has a real laid back personality, just easy to get along with. Coach Nutt never put any pressure on me or anything like that. He just told me to go with my heart, and I will know it when I am ready."

The Rebels were able to secure an official visit with Pat during the inhome visit.

"I am going over there on January 21st."

Where else is Pat scheduled to visit?

"I am going to USM on January 10th and Auburn on January 17th."

Anybody else still in the picture?

"Alabama. That's about it."

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