Rebels bringing in Nashville TE

It is hard to find a true sleeper in the "internet age", but every now and then you will have one slip under the radar for one reason or the other.

In Mason's case, one could see there is a plausible reason why not many have heard of him until now.

"Zaccheus Mason has only been playing football for two years now," added Christ Presbyterian Aca head coach, Jay Mathews. "He has been a basketball only guy until last year. They saw his potential in football, and that is what caught their (college recruiters) eye. I believe he has over 30 basketball offers, including schools like Cinci, but I believe he wants to go the football route. He was a Finalist for Mr. Basketball in the state of Tennessee last year. He can really put up a lot of points, but he has great upside, and we believe his future is in football."

The 6' 6", 250 pound tight end, who goes by "Z" from teammates and friends, caught the eye of a former NFL tight end that now coaches at CPA.

"Z" Mason
"His position coach, Ernie Conwell, saw him out in the hall one day. Coach Conwell asked him to try out for football and Z said he would. Things just kind of took off from there. Ernie played in the NFL for 10 years for the Saints and Rams, and he said he has not seen a tight end yet with more upside than this young man."

What is Z's upside, outside of his physical build?

"He just has tremendous skills and speed to be a big man. He actually ran the ball this year and averaged almost 9 yards a carry. He had 435 rushing yards and 9 TD's on 53 rushes. Z also had 34 catches for 460 yards and 7 TD's. He pretty much did it all for us this season."

Coach Mathews sent out a highlight tape to all of the SEC schools towards the end of the football season and received a favorable response.

"He has already been offered by Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Memphis. He is getting so many calls and visitors at school now. It is hard to keep up with them all."

When did Tennessee get involved?

"They were actually recruiting him pretty good when Coach Cutcliffe was there, but he kind of fell through the cracks when he left. Things kind of got scattered a little bit, but he has had two different assistants come by the school since Coach Kiffin was hired."

What did the Tennessee coach say?

"Coach Atkins has been the main recruiter. I am expecting to see Coach Kiffen pretty soon. He is going to come over here to watch him play in a basketball game."

What is the situation with Memphis?

"They have been really diligent too, in terms of keeping up with him. They have done an excellent job of coming by the school and visiting with him. They brought their offensive coordinator by here the other day."

And Ole Miss?

"They were the first school to personally recruit him beyond the letters and phone calls. They came to his house, saw him play in his Spring game and came back for a game this fall. They kind of put a face on the recruiting part of it. Coach Kent Austin has done a great job with Z. He is a great recruiter. Z is actually going over there for an official visit this weekend."

Anymore visits scheduled?

"Ole Miss is the only one so far. It is tough for him to miss any basketball games because he is the focal point for that team. We are looking at the calendar and going on a case by base basis."

The Rebels have shown the most consistency up to this point, according to Coach Mathews.

"I have been very impressed with Coach Nutt'sstrong relationship he has with his players and the energy he brings to that team. But what I have been most impressed with is how organized Coach Austin is with his presentations. He really rolled out the map of their new Fed Ex Academic center. Z is also excited with their offense. He likes how they are going to use him. But I guess why I say Ole Miss has been the most consistent with Z is due to the time they have put in with him. Like I said, they kind of put a face with his recruitment. That is not to say that the other schools are not doing a good job with Z, I just think Ole Miss has gone the extra mile."

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