'I am ready to get on OM's wagon'

The 6' 3", 215 pound Neptune Beach (FL) resident helped his team to an undefeated regular season but Duncan Fletcher High School was upset in the playoffs

"The OL was not blocking at all, and our QB was not able to get the ball off," recalled the well spoken Lamar Scruggs. "You have to give it to Niceville though. They played a great game, but we shot ourselves in the foot too. It hurts. I am not going to lie."

Scout.com's #53 nationally rated receiver had over 800 receiving yards and 11 TD's on 38 catches for the season.

"I think my speed got a lot better. I worked hard on my speed in the offseason and it paid off. I was able to separate better from my defender."

Scruggs has had schools in and out of his "favorite list" all throughout the recruiting process, but Lamar feels like he has settled on five.

"I am going to visit Ole Miss on January 16th and Illinois on January 23rd. I am also going to visit Florida, South Florida, and South Carolina. I just do not know when yet."

Ole Miss was on and off of Scruggs' list throughout the recruiting process. What put them over the top to make the final cut?

"I like Ole Miss a lot. I like how they finished in the SEC. They have a real good QB who has a couple of years left. They seem like they are an up and coming team. I want to get on their wagon."

Illinois has had a lot of success in the state of Florida since coach Dish was added to their staff.

"They were the first team to offer me, and I like Coach Dish a lot. They also play a lot of Florida guys, and a lot of them played a lot their first year. They have a good young QB . I do not know much about Illinois, really, but I will learn more on my visit."

What will Scruggs be keying in on while he is on his official visits?

"I will look at their academics, a good family atmosphere, and where I can come in and make a big impact."

Coach Spurrier is a big draw for Lamar.

"I like Spurrier. He runs the pro style offense. They are kind of having a hard time with finding a QB, but I think they will get that figured out soon. I just like their program. They are having a good recruiting class too. They might be pretty good in the future."

One of the instate finalist plans to play Scruggs at TE.

"Florida is talking about putting me at tight end, but they are going to use me like Cornelius Ingram. I do not want to play tight end, but they use their tight end like a wide receiver. You stand up so I do not mind doing that. I have been talking to Coach Gonzales a few times. I like Florida too."

South Florida has been showing the North/South All-Star selection a lot of love.

"They have been recruiting me hard. I really do not know much about them, but they run a pro style offense. They spread you out, go four wide, and run a lot of deep routes. I love to go deep too. They also have a good young QB that will be a sophomore."

Which school needs Lamar the most?

"I would say Ole Miss and South Carolina. Both of them are constantly calling everyday and sending a lot of mail. Illinois too but all of them really."

Is there one coach that Scruggs feels like he has built a special bond with?

"Coach Dickerson from Ole Miss is a good guy. He is real down to earth, and I can talk to him about anything. But Coach Dish (Illinois) is really cool too. I can talk to him about anything from girlfriends to school to anything. But really, I have a good relationship with all of them."

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