Coaches Speak

The following are comments from Ole Miss men's assistant basketball coaches Owen Miller, Torrey Ward, and Michael White.

Assistant Coach Owen Miller:

Statement: The most bizarre circumstances in my life that I've ever been a part of. The accusations against Andy Kennedy are incredibly outrageous. It is incredible what has transpired. There were four of us that were there, it has been documented, the four assistant coaches, me, Mike (White), Torrey (Ward) and Bill (Armstrong). When it all went down, they wouldn't even take a statement from us. We were eyewitnesses to the account, and they never took a statement from us, didn't want to take a statement from us.

Question: Have the police to this moment taken a statement?

Miller: No, never talked to the police. Never. They won't talk to any of us. We were a part of what happened. Not once did they ask a question. We asked if we could give our statement. They said they didn't need it.

Question: In reference to the police report stating that Bill Armstrong was intoxicated

Miller: That is wrong too. He was begging to take a breathalyzer test, begging, and they wouldn't do it. Begged them. ‘Please, give me a breathalyzer.' The reason Bill was emotional obviously was because of what happened to Andy. He was very emotional, as we all were. So, it is just incredible all that has happened. It is hard to believe that can happen in this country. Really is, and my eyes have been opened. I'll tell you what I've learned. Don't ever put faith in man. You have to put all your faith in God. You have to.

Question: Why do you think the police haven't contacted you?

Miller: I have no idea. By no means am I a police officer, but you would think you would get all the people that were witness and get a report and a statement of what happened. Never happened, still hasn't happened.

Question: How did the meeting Friday with Pete Boone go?

Miller: It was great. He was great. He was fantastic. We got back, and our whole staff met. I think him and Andy met before. They brought the whole staff in, and we went through it. Pete was fantastic.

Assistant Coach Torrey Ward:

Question: Is it true that racial slurs were hurled your way?

That is definitely true. All five of us (assistant coaches) were there, and that is what started the whole deal in which we all had something to say to him. It is true.

Question: What is it like to see something like that happen?

Ward: The whole deal is ridiculous. Just from what happened, to being a minute thing, to trying to get home, to blowing up and basically putting our head coach out there, our program out there in a bad light. It all went kind of fast, and it is a terrible situation that is being taken way out of context. You can tell from the guy's stories that they all don't match. There are four different accounts, and everyone of them is different.

Question: It was the cab driver that said the racial slur?

Ward: Yes, it was the word that is being reported.

Question: Were there words back at the driver?

Ward: Definitely, but he was the instigator. There was verbal confrontation from all of us, but it was nothing in a derogatory manner other than, ‘I can't believe you just said that, we want to go home, we want to get out of the cab.'

Assistant Coach Michael White:

Statement: The allegations are ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. Shocking what has gone down in the last 72 hours or so. It is really unfortunate for Andy and for our university.

Question: Does this change the way the coaches handle themselves in public?

White: It doesn't change the way we behave in public, because I don't think we behave inappropriately at all. Were we out late? Sure. Are we out normally to eat dinner late the night before games when we have film at 9:30? Yes. Are most staffs in the country (out late)? Probably. I don't know that. Most staffs that I deal with on the road get late shoot-around times. Film work with their teams and eat dinner late. It is very common, as has been reported by the national media outlets.

Question: What has this done to increase the bond between the coaches?

White: We've had each other's back. We know that. We are all sticking together, and that is all we can do. We all have AK's back. We'll make it through it. We have enough to continue to worry about with personnel and beating Florida A&M.

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