A.J. McCarron update

Scout.com's #15 ranked QB led the Alabama All-Star squad to two scoring drives in his first three possessions in the MS/AL All-star Classic earlier this month.

"It was just a great experience for A.J.," added Tony McCarron, A.J.'s father. "The kids looked to be having a good time. The speed of the game was a lot faster. For me it was fun because he got some blocking up front."

The Mississippi squad came in with all of the offensive pub, but the Alabama team held them without a touchdown.

"I was surprised Mississippi did not score more than they did. That was the talk all week. The local coaches were telling us how explosive their team was, so we figured we were going to have to outscore them. We did not think there was anyway we could just flat out stop them. Sometimes that is how the game goes, nothing like you expected."

A.J. McCarron committed to Alabama early in the recruiting process, but he has decided that he wants to take all of his official visits before signing. Just how solid is A.J.'s commitment?

"I do not think anything has changed. He is still solid with his decision. He just wants to take a couple of visits to make sure in the back of his mind that he is making the right decision."

The Mobile resident has tentatively set up the dates for his official visits.

"He is going to Alabama on the 9th and Ole Miss on the 16th (of January). We told Oklahoma we are coming on the 23rd and Miami will be after that (on the 30th). We are still trying to figure it all out. We are trying to get all four of them in, but he has Christmas coming up, and then he has the Army All-American game, so that takes two weekends away right there. He also has a lot of important basketball games on the weekends, so it makes it hard. Add that to my schedule at the fire station, and you can see what we are dealing with (laugh). But we have tentatively set his visits for those dates."

Despite the interest from all of these colleges, the McCarron's have yet to host a house visit.

"The week of the AL/MS All-star game, he was secluded away, and I have not talked to any of them (colleges) lately. Nobody has been by our house, and I am not sure if any of them have been by his school or not. I am one of those dads that changes gears when the next sport is in season, and it is now basketball season, so I am all into that. To tell you the truth, I enjoy basketball more than any of them. But A.J. told me some coach came by to see him play in a basketball game, but he did not know who it was, or if he did, he did not mention it to me. Purdue did come down here to see him play in a game though."

What has Alabama told the McCarron's about the plan they have in store for A.J.?

"They have not said anything to us about that issue since the first time we met. Coach Saban said that he is bringing back two experienced QB's, so he will have to beat out two great QB's if he wants the job next season. If not, we do not mind at all if he takes a redshirt. That is not an issue with us. We just want everybody to be upfront about everything. That is all we ask for. And as far how many QB's Alabama is going to bring in, Coach Saban never said."

The Rebels have been keeping close tabs with the McCarron's since A.J. came over for an unofficial visit last summer.

"Coach Dickerson was in contact last week, and Coach Nutt was in contact with us this week. He just called and asked how everything was going, but I let A.J. talk to the coaches for the most part. When Ole Miss calls though, they really do not talk recruiting. It is not like people think. They do not put pressure on you. Coach Dickerson nor Coach Nutt ever does that. A.J. will keep his promise to visit Ole Miss. He was just trying to find a good date because of our crazy schedule."

Ole Miss is also recruiting a former Mobile QB that A.J. roomed with at the Elite 11 combine.

"A.J. and Raymond Cotton have known each other for a while, but they became really close friends out there in California when they roomed at the Elite 11 camp. They still keep up with each other."

Has Oklahoma been in contact lately?

"Not unless they have spoken to one of his coaches. I have not been in touch with Oklahoma in a few weeks. Now A.J. might have spoken to Oklahoma, and Miami for that matter. This has just been a long/long process. We are blessed to be in this position, but I can see how everyone can get worn down from this process. We still have not even begun the visit process either. January will be a long month (laugh)."

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