Rebs set up official visit with Florida DE

The 6' 5", 207 pound defensive standout out of Florida A&M set the school record for sacks with 19 last year, and he tied his record this season.

"I ended up with 19 sacks again," added Alex Williams. "I tried to get 30, but I got doubled and triple teamed a lot and they were running to the other side. I had 12 sacks in the first four games, and then they started running away from me. I take that as a complement."

Alex was able to contribute to the team's state championship his sophomore year but Florida A&M fell just short this season.

"We made it to the State Semifinals, but we lost to Werner Christian. It was tough, but that is football."'s #78 nationally rated defensive end feels like he became a better all around player this season.

"Last year, I am not going to lie, some teams saw that they could run it my way and get it away with it. But this offseason, I put on some weight and got a lot stronger in the gym. I worked hard to become a better run stopper, and I feel like it is now one of my strengths."

Which colleges are keeping in contact with Alex at the present time?

"Michigan, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and FAMU. I have not made any decisions yet. I have a visit at Arkansas on January 8th, and I am taking a visit to Ole Miss on January 25th. Those are set in stone."

Alex was receiving some interest from Texas Tech earlier; anything going on with the Redraiders?

"I never heard anything from Tech. My coach has a connection with one of their coaches, so he has been talking to them for me. I would like to hear from them though."

Michigan was Alex's most recent scholarship offer; what is going on with them?

"I spoke to my recruiter from Michigan this week, and he is trying to set up a visit right now. We have to schedule it around my basketball scheudle. We have a lot of big games on the weekends in January, so it is making my scheduling difficult. I have not set up a visit in stone like Ole Miss and Arkansas, but I am going to get it done."

Williams' close relationship with Coach Vaughn at Ole Miss has continued.

"I talk to Coach Vaughn on a regular basis. He calls me, and I call him. Of course I call him more just to make sure everything is still the same between us. I just want to make sure that I still stand the same way I stood before they started getting some commits. He tells me that I still have my spot."

Alex could be playing a different position if he were to sign with Ole Miss.

"They like me at outside linebacker. They like me for OLB or a redzone WR. I do like the fact that they said they would put me at OLB if I came in there at this weight, but if I gain some weight, they said they would move me to DE. They are just being honest and not telling me what I want to hear."

The Tallahassee resident has also built a tight relationship with Arkansas' head coach, Bobby Petrino.

"Basically the same thing. I call Coach Petrino and he calls me to see if we still stand the same. He actually came to my basketball practice the other day. He said he was going to send their (Arkansas) basketball coach to come watch me play. The same thing goes with Ole Miss, Coach Vaughn said he was sending one of their coaches to see me play (in basketball). Both of them said they would have no problem with me playing both sports. Everything is looking real good right now."

Alex was actually a 1st Team All-State member in both sports as a junior.

"I averaged 19 points, 13 rebounds, and 4 block shots a game last year. I just started back because our football season just got over last week. I have only played in three games. I had 20 points in the first, 10 in the second, and 22 last game."

Arkansas and Ole Miss continue to show Alex the most interest.

"Honestly, those are the coaches that talk to me the most. I feel that they are honest and genuine with me. That is why they are the top two schools on my list."

The Vols tried to get into the game before Coach Fulmer was let go, now it looks like the new Tennessee staff is also interested.

"I had one of their coaches come to my school recently. They sent over one of the old coaches who stayed on their staff. He told me that they were going to continue recruiting me. They also want me to come over for a visit. I have actually heard from them a couple of times in the last few days. They are picking it up with me."

FSU is the local school, and Alex had hoped the Seminoles would have offered him by now, but that has not transpired.

"I am still waiting to see what is going to happen with them. That is part of the reason I have not committed yet. But it does not look good. I do not think anything is going to happen."

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