Kendrick Hardy update

The 6' 0", 215 pound tailback out of Lawrence County skipped the first All-Star game (MS/AL Classic) he was selected to play in so he could concentrate on the Army All-American game.

"I just got here in San Antonio around 2:20 on Sunday," added Kendrick Hardy. "We have been doing mostly registration stuff and getting our equipment. We start practice around 10:30 am Monday. I can't wait to get out there."

Hardy's goal is simple for the practice sessions.

"I just want to get out there and earn me a starting spot."

Kendrick is joined by another Mississippian on the team.

"Pat Patterson is also over here. We saw each other in the registration line. We met each other at the Dandy Dozen photo shoot last summer, but that is the only time we have met. He is real laid back though."'s #43 nationally ranked RB is starting to feel the excitement from the big event.

"It is all now just kind of hitting me. There are thousands of people around here. It is kind of crazy. I am seeing a lot of faces that I have been reading about on the internet. It is kind of fun. I know I am going to have to work hard and make sure that I know the plays. It is all business for me while I am here."

Hardy heard from one of the Mississippi schools before he left on the trip.

"Coach (Tony) Hughes ( USM) called and wished me good luck on the way up there. He told me to have a good time and that he was thinking about me."

Kendrick will visit the Eagles from January 9 - 11 and does not have anymore official visits lined up. He has been pretty much down to Ole Miss and USM for quite some time now. What is going on with Ole Miss?

"I talked to them the day before they left to Dallas. I spoke to Coach Dameron. He just told me they were getting ready to go to Dallas, and he wished me good luck too."

Is there anybody else in the picture outside of Ole Miss and USM?

"Yea, I am thinking about Jackson State right now. I have not really been talking to them face to face, but they have been calling a lot. They offered me a full scholarship."

Why the new interest in JSU?

"Ole Miss has been committing a lot of RB's, but I am still interest in all of them. I am just trying to get some more options in case things do not work out."

Hardy believes his scholarship might not be open anymore at Ole Miss.

"I feel like they do not have a spot for me anymore. They filled them all in."

Who told Kendrick this?

"Ole Miss did not say anything about it. I have not really talked to them about this issue yet, but my coaches let me know. I kind of regret not committing to them earlier now. I had them on my mind, I just wanted to visit Southern (Miss) first before I made up my mind for sure. I have not talked to them directly about this yet, but I plan to find out what is going on the next time we speak."

What stands out about Southern Miss?

"I like the environment and coaches at USM."

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