Will Anthony Rogers visit Ole Miss?

Scout.com's #73 rated defensive end was satisfied with his senior season but thought he could have done more.

"I think I played pretty well," added Anthony Rogers. "But I think my junior year was a little better because they did not know who I was then. This year they based their offense around me and tried to stay away from my side."

The added attention made the North Little Rock resident a better player.

"I believe I started using my hands a lot more, not as far as pursuing, but I probably had better technique than I did last year."

Anthony switched his commitment from Mississippi State to Oklahoma State after the Dogs let go of Coach Croom. This has not stopped the competition from trying to change his mind once again.

"Really, I hear a little bit from Ole Miss, MSU, Tulsa, Baylor, just the same ones."

Despite the continued interest, Anthony has not set up anything formally with a school outside of OSU.

"I have only been on one visit and that was to OSU on December 12th. I do not believe I am going on anymore visits, but I am not sure yet. Ole Miss came by my house right before the dead period, and they talked about their campus a little bit. Me, my mom, and my dad are going to discuss about me taking a visit over there. We just have not sat down and talked about it. They are suppose to be coming by the house again this week."

Anthony has developed a good relationship with the Ole Miss recruiter, Jmaes Shibest, but he does not know much about the campus.

"We have a good friendship. He is straight. Coach (Shibest) told me a little bit about it over there, but I have to go over there and see it for myself to say if I do or do not like it. I know I like how they are playing. They look pretty good."

Mississippi State has continued to recruit the 6' 4", 240 pound defensive lineman.

"They called me, and they told me to not make any final decisions. They want me to keep an open mind about it."

OSU was waiting in the wings when MSU let go their old staff.

"I just knew after MSU lost their coach, it would take them a few years to build a good foundation. OSU already had that good foundation, so it was the best choice."

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