Nutt visits Fletcher Cox

One of the magnolia state's top overall players was at his basketball practice yesterday when he noticed Coach Nutt sitting in the stands. To learn more about the visit, read below

"I was at basketball practice, and I looked over my shoulder and then looked again at this man in the stands that looked like Coach Nutt (for Ole Miss)," added Fletcher Cox. "I said to myself, that can't be Coach Nutt. I have not even spoken to him today, but it ended up being him. Coach (Derrick) Nix was with him, but he was outside when I first noticed."

What proceeded?

"We went to our house, and they mostly talked to my mother. They did not put any pressure on me or anything like that. We just talked."

What was said?

"They told me that I can come in and play in place of the people who are leaving and do what I do best., rush the passer."

The 6' 4", 240 pound Yazoo City product talked about setting up an official visit but nothing was planned.

"We said we would talk about it later. I have not even talked to my mother yet about visiting Ole Miss."

Southern Mississippi also sent in their head coach and recruiting coordinator to Fletcher's house this afternoon.

"Coach Fedora came today. He brought Coach Hughes with him. We just talked about their educational programs. He did not mention anything about football. We talked about being a high character player and being a team leader."

Did USM ask to set up an official visit?

"The only places I have set up a visit to are Alabama for this weekend and MSU next weekend. As for the rest of the schools, I have to talk to my mother about it first. Ole Miss, Auburn, and USM all want me to come check it out, but I have to talk it over with my mother first."

What has Fletcher interested in the Tide?

"I just want to check it out, but I do not want to comment any further because that is when all of the rumors get started. I have been burned in the past about that stuff."

Does Cox still feel solid with his commitment to MSU?

Coach Davis for Alabama is expected to be at Fletcher's house tomorrow night.

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