Demond Washington visits Auburn

The 5-Star athlete had committed to Ole Miss early in the recruiting process but took in an official visit to Auburn over the weekend. Did anything change with his commitment? To find out, read below.

"I told you nothing was going to change," added Demond Washington. "I am still committed to Ole Miss. Nothing changed."

What did Auburn say to Demond when he let him know of the news that he was staying with Ole Miss?

"They were not real happy, but they said they were still going to keep recruiting me."

Does Ole Miss know about the news?

"I called Coach Nutt last night to let him know. He said they still want me, still love me, and it is my home. Coach said he never gave up on me."

Demond grew up 30 miles down the road from Auburn, and he also has a teammate (Eltoro Freeman) from MS Gulf Coast CC who just inked with the Tigers.

"Eltoro is still telling me to come over to Auburn. He is on me pretty hard about Auburn (laugh)."

What did Auburn try and sell to Demond about why he should be a Tiger?

"They told me they would use me as a returner, put me in at someat receiver and tailback and play some corner(back). They are recruiting me as an athlete now."

Why is Ole Miss the better fit?

"As of right now, I am still committed to Ole Miss. They are going to to give me a chance to play running back. I feel like they are telling me the truth, and they are being honest with me. Auburn has always recruited me for cornerback until now."

How sure is Washington of his commitment?

"I would say I am 90 to 95% sure of my decision. I have got to talk it over with my mom and see what she says about it. That was the mistake I did not do. I never talked to my mom about committing to Ole Miss, but I knew she wanted me far away from home so I just went ahead and did it. She does not want me going to school around Tallassee (AL). But, I also know she is a big Auburn fan, so I do not know what she is going to say. She did tell me that you have to be a man of your word and honor any commitment I made, so I doubt she will have any problems with me going to Ole Miss. But I can not tell you that for sure until we talk tonight about it again."

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