Grant gives inside view on visit weekend's #52 nationally rated TE, who is expected to start out at wide receiver for Ole Miss, took in his official visit to the University of Mississippi this weekend. How did the trip go?

"It was great," added Terrell Grant who has been a frequent visitor to Ole Miss' campus throughout the year. "My mom and brother got to go with me this time. This is the first time either one of them have ever even been to Oxford. They were like, wow, I would want to live over here too. All of them enjoyed it. It felt like home to them, and it has always felt like home to me. Everyone was just so happy for me."

Grant had two different player hosts for the weekend.

"Jason Cook was my host on Friday. He was real cool. Jason just sat me down and told me what it is like to play for Coach Nutt. He told me that he had never played for anybody quite like Coach Nutt. The best way he described it to me it was like playing for your father, coach, and best friend all rolled up into one. Lionel Breaux was my host Saturday. He is real quiet but honest. Lionel is the type of person that he might only say one thing all night, but when he talks, you listen. He is very studious of the game and is just a smart person in general. He also plays WR, so he told me what I could expect coming in as a WR. We talked a lot about their playbook and things like that."

What new did the the 6' 2", 212 pound Cleveland native learn about Ole Miss that maybe he did not know from before?

"A lot of academic stuff. That is basically what the trip was for. A professor for Ole Miss told us about the history with Ole Miss back in the 50's and 60's and what it is like now. They have also had 22 Rhodes Scholar athletes at Ole Miss, which places them in amongst the best. That was impressive. And I did not know that the Ole Miss athletes graduate at a higher percentage than the regular students. That impressed all of the recruits."

What stood out the most during the trip?

"The players, just how they took us in and treated us like we were already a part of the family. They took us in like family. They took us into their apartments and played video games with us and just talked about life at Ole Miss. All of the recruits asked them probably a thousand questions, and they were honest with us. They are very humble at Ole Miss. You would think that with them winning the Cotton Bowl they might have gotten the big head, but they are not like that at all. They just have this confidence about them that they are going to win it all next year, but they are not cocky or anything. But really, Coach Nutt is the key. He keeps it cool with the players. He is just different. It is like Jason said, he is like your father, coach, and best friend all rolled into one. All of the players who committed to Ole Miss said they liked Nutt, but they did not know he was that cool. He treats you like a son. It was not like it was only the commits saying that. Marlon Brown and Lamar Scruggs both told me that they loved Nutt. They both told me that he was their favorite coach who is recruiting them. Everyone just loves Coach Nutt and the atmosphere around his program."

The three wide receiver prospects who visited Ole Miss together, bonded deeper than you would expect.

"Me, Marlon, and Scruggs did everything together. We just kind of hit off right off the bat. We all talked about what it would be like if we all three stayed together. Ole Miss has some good WR's, but they do not have any big WR's who are the type of playmakers we are. We were just talking about what it would be like to have Jevan Snead getting us the ball. I think it could happen. Marlon really likes it at Ole Miss. Ryan Campbell and I talked to him a lot, and his eyes lit up every time he talked about Ole Miss. I could just see it in his eyes. He just loves Coach Nutt and his offense. I think Marlon is going to end up committing in the end; he just wants to go visit Tennessee and Georgia to make sure. He would be a big addition to our team. And Lamar, he likes Ole Miss a lot too. The only thing holding him back from committing is his official visit to South Carolina. He said he wants to take that visit before deciding. But I know he really likes it at Ole Miss."

When asked who was most likely going to sign with Ole Miss out of the non-commits who were on their visits; Grant added a new name.

"I think Joel Kight is the most likely because we talked a lot, and he just loves the Ole Miss coaches. I just got a good feeling that he is coming. Him and Lamar Scruggs would be the most likely because they got so close with the coaches. I do not know about Marlon because he still has to visit Georgia and Tennessee. I think those two visits are the only thing holding him back from committing. I just know that Marlon loves Coach Nutt, and he really liked just about everything they had to offer. I would not be surprised if all three of them ended up at Ole Miss with me. I am going to be keeping in touch with them. I know that."

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