D.T. Shackelford talks about OM visit

Scout.com's #26 strong sided linebacker committed to Tennessee during the season but has since taken in official visits to Auburn and Ole Miss in consecutive weekends.

"I went over to Ole Miss this past weekend," added D.T. Shackelford. "I brought over my sister and mother. They had never seen their campus before. I went over there in the Fall. My coach brought me to a football game, but my family had never been over there. Their first impression was real good. They enjoyed it."

The Shackelford's were impressed most about the status of the Ole Miss program.

"They just like their staff and the overall outlook of where the program is going. They also were impressed with their academics."

D.T.'s player host at Ole Miss was Kentrell Lockett.

"He was a real cool man. I was around a lot of the players, so I enjoyed that aspect of it. It was nice. They have a lot of nice people around there. Their players told us how they felt about their coaches. They basically told me they were straight up. They told me a lot about Coach Nutt and Coach Nix, since he would be my position coach, and how they like playing for them."

One thing that stood out to the Austin product for both Ole Miss and Auburn were their coach's approach to what is and what is not important.

"At Ole Miss and Auburn, the first thing that came out of their mouth was about getting a degree. That is a big plus. You have to take care of your family."

The official visit at both Ole Miss and Auburn gave him a better understanding of each school.

"You get to really see more about the school on an official visit, versus an unofficial. That is why I am on these official visits, so I can get a better feel on everybody. I got to know their players, coaches, and even the students a lot better. Ole Miss gave me a nice vibe and so did Auburn."

Tennessee and Auburn have had staff changes, while Ole Miss' coaches have stayed intact, but that does not necessarily give the Rebels the upper hand.

"It does play a big role, but out of the two visits (Auburn and Ole Miss) I took, both have been pluses. Neither school has the upper hand, but it does give me a good vibe knowing the Ole Miss coaches so well. They are the only ones who have been recruiting me the whole time. But like I said, I took a visit to Auburn, and I took a visit to Ole Miss. Neither school has the upper hand right now. I am still committed to Tennessee, but that is why it is going to be so hard picking one school over the other. Their academic programs are great. Both Ole Miss and Auburn are on their way up, so that is a good thing. Some people might wonder why I think Auburn is on the way up when they struggled so much this year, but I could just tell how hungry they are when I talked to them on my visit."

The Rebels had a different approach when they met with D.T. for their one on one meeting before he left back home Sunday.

"Coach Nutt said he wanted me to a productive man, so when I get older, I can provide for my family. He told me that he would push me to get to the pros, but I can not truly be productive later on in life if I do not get my degree. Then he told me to not let anyone pressure me and just go with my heart. I told him that the visits I am taking are the schools I am really interested in."

What will D.T. look at while he is on his Tennessee visit next weekend?

"I just want to see the vibe I get by being around their coaches. I am sure they are going to have great coaches like they do everywhere else in the SEC, like Ole Miss and Auburn. They all have great coaches."

Assuming Tennessee's coaches give Shackelford a good vibe; what next?

"I will just make the best decision I can possibly make by talking to my family and praying about it and see where he leads me."

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