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Lithonia, GA, Linebacker Joel Kight visited Ole Miss over the weekend and had all his questions answered, but he was still weighing all his options with the schools he is interested in. Read about it inside.

Joel Kight, the AAAAAA Georgia Defensive Player of the Year as a junior, was pleased with the way his visit to Ole Miss went over the weekend, but he's still on the undecided list of recruits at this time.

"Everything at Ole Miss was real nice. Coach (Houston) Nutt was real cool, the coolest of all the coaches I have met," said Kight, who tallied 153 tackles as a junior and 115 as a senior. "I had all my questions answered - if I fit in, playing time issues, looking at the business school - and everything was good."

When Kight met with Nutt Sunday morning, there was no pressure applied by the Rebel head man, which is the approach Kight was hoping for.

"Coach Nutt told me they wanted me and there was no pressure. He said he understood this was the biggest decision of my life and for me to take my time, that my scholarship would be available whenever I decided," said Joel. "I told him that I would not leave him hanging one way or the other.

"I am going to make up my mind late this week or early next week and get it over with."

So where does Kight stand with his recruitment right now?

"I have visited Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech and Ole Miss and unless something pops up in the next day or two that intrigues me, I am finished visiting," he stated. "Really, I like all three schools."

Kight, it was once thought, might be leaning to Tech because it is "15 minutes" from his home, but he indicated distance was not a major factor to him or his family.

"Georgia Tech being close is a small factor, but not a big one," he said. "If you stay close to home or go away, you are still going to be with the football team 70-80% of your time year round, so it's not like you have a lot of free time either way.

"And that means that the distance from Lithonia to Oklahoma State is not a major factor either. I'm just looking for the best fit for me, like any recruit."

Kight wants to major in business management in college.

"Ole Miss has a very good business school. I was impressed," he closed. "I can also tell I would like the players there and have a chance to play early. There are some holes to fill at LB at Ole Miss."

Rebel LB Allen Walker was Kight's player host for the weekend.

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