5-Star makes final decision

The MS Gulf Coast CC star committed to Ole Miss, visited Auburn over the weekend, and then hosted Coach Nutt this morning in his living room.

"Yea, it has been kind of crazy, to say the least," added Demond Washington. "But the visit went good. My momma appreciated it. I have made my mind up. I know where I am going, but I am not telling anybody about it. Me and my mom pretty much know where I will end up at."

Demond has already let both schools know of his decision.

"I have informed the school that I am going to of my decision, and I have informed the school that I am not going to of my decision, but they are still recruiting me pretty hard."


"Because they said they feel like they can influence me to change my mind again."

Does Demond still consider himself committed to Ole Miss?

"Yes sir."

Why does the juco All-American not want to tell the public if both staffs have already been informed?

"I do not want anymore pressure from around here. It is getting kind of ridiculous for me and my mother. I am just telling everyone that the schools are equal, when they ask me, but my mind is made up. Once I got my mom's blessing; that was it."

What questions did Washington's mother have for Coach Nutt when he visited?

"She wanted to know about the position I was going to play and the academic side of things. Coach Nutt told her that I was going to start out at running back, and that I would be given every opportunity to earn a starting job. She liked that a lot. And as far as their academics, Coach Nutt said he looks after his players harder in the classroom than he does on the field. He showed her the graduation percentage for Ole Miss' student athletes and it was very impressive. She was very pleased with it all."

Why does Demond's mother worry about the position he is going to play on the next level?

"She said she does not like watching me play cornerback because everyone is scared of me and they always throw to the other side of the field. She thinks it is boring watching me play cornerback. But at tailback, I am always in the middle of the action."

Is that how momma really feels, or was her opinion influenced a little by her son?

"Well, you know how that goes (laugh). Moms are always going to take up for their sons (laugh)."

Will Auburn still bring over their head coach on Thursday to meet with Washington?

"Yes sir, they are. I told both schools I would give them an opportunity to come to my house and talk to my mother. I am still going to stick to my word on that, but my mind is made up. Both schools already know of my decision. Everyone else is going to have to wait."

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