Nutt visits Army All-American Craig Drummond's #13 rated defensive end has decided to open his recruitment back up after being committed to Illinois. The 6' 5", 270 pound Chicago native had the Rebel head coach in his home yesterday. How did the visit go? To learn more, read inside.

"There were some things that happened that I really do not want to talk about," added Craig Drummond. "Lets just say that I have re-opened my recruitment, and I am looking at my options again."

What next for the Army All-American?

"I am going down to Ole Miss this weekend to see what it is like, and then I am going to go from there. They brought in their head coach on Monday, and he was very straight forward with me."

The Chicago native is actually familiar with the Rebel head coach.

"My family is from Arkansas, so I know all about Coach Nutt. Pretty much all of my family lives in Arkansas, and they all speak highly of him (Coach Nutt). I can see why now after meeting him. He shoots it straight."

Are there anymore schools involved right now?

"Right now, I am just going to go down to Ole Miss and see what I think. There are some more schools that I am talking to, but I am going to take it one step at a time. Hopefully it all works out this time. I am ready to get this over with."

What will Craig focus on while he takes his visits?

"I just want a place to call home. When I get that homey feeling. I will know it."

Craig graduated from high school in December and is still hopeful to be a mid semester transfer.

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