Goethie new Defensive GA

Former Rebel Linebacker Lanier Goethie has been on the administrative side of athletics at Ole Miss for the past year. Now, he wants to be back on the field as a coach. Read about it inside.

Lanier Goethie built a reputation as a fast, scrappy, smart and productive linebacker for the Rebels from 1999-2002. His senior season, "Goat" was the team co-captain.

During his career, then Coach David Cutcliffe knew Lanier would be an excellent football coach, but he gave Goethie some sage advice.

"Coach Cut told me if I could live without football, to try something else. If I couldn't, I could always get into coaching," Goethie said. "I guess I couldn't live without it."

After three years as an academic counselor for the football and rifle teams at Ole Miss, Goethie got the itch to coach.

"My wife and I prayed about it and we decided that coaching was something I needed to try to be happy in my career," Goethie said.

The timing on the Goethie's decision was just right.

Defensive Graduate Assistant Brad Villavaso's allotted time as a Rebel GA was up and Rebel Coach Houston Nutt needed to fill the slot.

Lanier asked for a shot and is now the Defensive GA for the Rebels, working directly under Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix.

"The coaching bug bit me," smiled Lanier, who has an undergrad degree in Marketing and his Masters in Higher Education Student Personnel. "This past year, I have been around the football program more than the previous two years and I started getting the urge to coach. I knew coaching was in the cards for me.

"I got a taste of the administrative side of athletics, and I am grateful for that, but it didn't quench my thirst. I know being on the football staff will."

Goethie considers working on Nutt's staff a "blessing."

"This is the best staff in America for me to be a GA on," he said. "To work with Coach Nutt, to learn from Coach Nix and to be a part of the staff with all these great assistant coaches is an honor and a blessing for me."

Lanier is entering coaching with a blank slate.

"I played the game at a high level and understand the game from that angle, but now I have to learn how to prepare athletes to play to the best of their potential. It's a whole new game," he explained. "I have to take the attitude that I am behind and have to start from scratch.

"I have a lot to learn and I intend to absorb all I can from all the coaches, especially Coach Nix. The team has a saying 'don't be the weak link.' I am going to apply that to my GA duties. I will not be a weak link on the staff."

Nix and the Rebel staff coach the way Lanier played - all out.

"Watching from the sidelines this year, I realized I would have loved to have played for these coaches. They coach guys to play hard every snap and do things the right way. Nothing else is good enough," he explained. "That's the way I tried to play and that is how I will help them coach."

Goethie has only failed at one thing in his life - staying away from coaching.

"I tried to do without football, but I couldn't," he closed. "My heart is in coaching and to have this opportunity with this staff is a fantastic opportunity for me."

There's an old saying that home is where the heart is.

Welcome home, Lanier Goethie.

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