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Tallahassee, FL, Defensive End Alex Williams left Ole Miss this morning after his official visit with a good taste in his mouth. Read about it inside.

Alex Williams, a 6-5, 210 pound defensive end from Tallahassee, FL, came to Ole Miss with Arkansas as his clear leader for his services.

He left town with both of the SEC schools in a dead heat.

"Ole Miss is great. There is no part about it I didn't like. Right now, Ole Miss and Arkansas are dead even. Right now, I cannot separate the two," said Williams, who wants to play football and basketball at the school of his choice.

Williams talked quite a bit about the whole Ole Miss experience.

"My brother, Boo, played for this staff at Arkansas and he told me they were great guys and good to play for. I can tell that in their personalities," said Williams. "I thoroughly enjoyed being around them.

"I got to meet Coach (Terry) Price and he is something else man. He showed me some techniques that I really could have used last year, some new stuff I didn't even think existed. Armed with those tools, I know I could be successful if Ole Miss is my final choice."

There's more. . .

"The facilities at Ole Miss are laid out perfectly. Everything under one roof," he noted. "The players there are all cool and you can tell they enjoy playing there and being a part of a big family."

And more. . .

"I got to visit with some of the basketball staff and they were great too. They told me to come on, they could use me," he continued. "That is big for me right now. I want to try both."

While he was enamored with Ole Miss, he says he was just as enamored with Arkansas.

"I'm telling you, dead even," Alex noted. "I have to keep my head clear and talk about everything with my family. The decision will come to me with the help of my family. I have some confusion right now but with the guidance of my family, I will figure it all out."

Williams will visit hometown school Florida A&M today and will be visited in his home by Arky Coach Bobby Petrino tonight.

The Rebels will also be coming into his home later this week.

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