Schools line up to place Memphis DE

Schools are not only lining up players to play for them next Fall, they are also setting their teams up two and three years down the road by signing and placing recruits. To read about one of the more coveted players that fits this category, read below.

"Alabama and North Carolina came by my school last week," added Ceasere Johnson. "I probably spoke to around 30 to 35 schools since the season was over. "

Ceasere had a chance to showcase his skills at the Auto Zone All-Star game in Memphis last month and the college recruiters kept on coming.

"I bet I spoke to 15 schools in one day. It has been kind of crazy around here."

Johnson displayed his skills this past season as he collected 12 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, and 78 tackles.

"I think I was more explosive off of the ball. It has gotten better. I have improved over the years."

Johnson is taking a look at several different colleges right now.

"Ole Miss, North Carolina, Alabama, Memphis, USM, and Arkansas. That is about it."

The Memphis defensive end is short on academics but long on suitors.

"Ole Miss offered me a scholarship on the spot after their camp, but I might not make it academically, so I will probably go to a prep school or juco if I sign with them. North Carolina came be the school, and so did Alabama. Alabama said they would send me to a juco they work with. North Carolina said the same thing. They just want to sign me and send me to a juco. They all want to sign me. None of them have actually sent me my offer through the mail but Arkansas. They did about a month ago."

The Conference USA schools have given him the option of sitting out of school for a year and enrolling the next season, if he achieves his academic requirements.

"They said they have some kind of summer program, and I can sit out a year and enroll the next (fall). But I want to get out of Memphis, so I am not even considering that. USM also told me I could do the same thing as Memphis, sit out a year and then get into school, but I want to go to the SEC if I can."

Which school does Ceasere feel like he will most likely sign with next Wednesday?

"Probably Ole Miss. I went over there to some games this Fall, and I just like the environment over there. They improved so much in just one year with Coach Nutt, so by the time I would get there, they would be peaking. I have gotten a chance to know their DL coach, my recruiter, and their head coach, and they are just great guys. But if it were not Ole Miss, it would be Arkansas or North Carolina. I do not know. I still have some thinking to do."

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