Alex Williams update -

Tallahassee, FL, two-sport star Alex Williams got a visit from three Ole Miss coaches last night. He said all that's left of his recruitment is his final choice, which he will announce on Signing Day.

Alex Williams had four dunks in his high school basketball game last night.

There to witness his high-flying feats were Rebel football coaches Houston Nutt, Terry Price and Chris Vaughn.

"They came to watch me play. It was cool having them there," said Williams, a 6-5, 210-pound defensive end who aspires to play football and basketball on the collegiate level. "I had a pretty good game with four dunks."

Afterward, the Reb coaches went to Alex's home to meet his Mom.

"The visit went real well, as I expected it to," he said. "We just talked about everything. My Mom was impressed with them.

"I appreciated the fact that I had the head coach, the coach who has been recruiting me and the coach who would be my position coach at Ole Miss. We got to cover everything."

Now, Alex said, he's down to two - Ole Miss and Arkansas, which has been the case for a week now.

"Arkansas was in here earlier in the week and Ole Miss was in here last night, so I am finished with in-homes and everything," he said. "I'm going to concentrate on my academics the rest of this week and then take this weekend to really weigh out everything about my choice.

"I will announce my decision on Signing Day."

Alex, the brother of former Razorback Boo Williams, who played for Nutt, was not tipping his hand which way he's leaning.

"Everything will come out on Signing Day," Williams stated. "Both schools have recruited me hard and both are great choices, so I would prefer not to talk about leaning one way or the other."

Williams visited Ole Miss last weekend and had a visit he called "more than I expected."

His signature is one of the most coveted on the Ole Miss recruiting board. He wants to try to play football and basketball at the school of his choice and has spoken to both basketball staffs on his official visits to each.

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