Noon deadline set for OM to admit Bo Tillman

The Jerrell Powe saga gives Rebel fans nightmares, and it looks like there could be another letdown if the Ole Miss admissions office does not quickly react in getting Bo Tillman in school. A Friday noon deadline has been set by the Tillman camp to either let him in school or most likely part ways. To read more about it, click inside.

"Bo Tillman has still not been admitted into school," stated a close family advisor that wants to remain anonymous. "In what should have been Bo's happiest week in his life has turned into one of his worst. If he has not been admitted into school tomorrow by noon, then he is going to explore some other options."

The fact remains all Bo wants to do is join his big brother Marcus Tillman on the field next season.

"He wants to be in class tomorrow morning at Ole Miss. That is the end of story," added the family advisor. ""If the institution says we accept his records. It is a done deal, end of story."

Rumors have circulated that Tennessee has become an option if Bo is not accepted tomorrow.

"Coach Orgeron came over to Oxford to talk to Bo yesterday. There are only 25 slots for each school in the SEC to sign, and Wednesday is the last day. They will all be filled up. He will not be able to start school at Tennessee for the Spring semester, but he could sign with them on Wednesday and start classes in the fall. This is not a complex thing. He wants to be at Ole Miss. He wanted to sign with Ole Miss out of high school if they would have been more aggressive with his academic situation. He wants to be at Ole Miss now. Now all they have to do is let him in by noon tomorrow. If not, he will most likely take a visit to Tennessee this weekend. Looking at it objectively, is there any kind of guarantee they are going to let him in school by the fall if he waits and signs with Ole Miss in February? If they are going to let him in school, they would let him tomorrow. That is not to say that he will go to Tennessee if Ole Miss does not let him in school tomorrow. I am sure Coach Nutt is going to continue to recruit him, but I do not know, another school might say we'll guarantee we are going to admit you if you come sign with us. That is hard to pass up if you look at Ole Miss' record with Jerrell Powe."

Does the Tillman camp plan to hear from Ole Miss tomorrow, one way or the other?

"That I do not know. I guess only the coaches or administration know that. It has to go through the compliance office. They are the only ones that can insure what they are going to do, whether they are going to admit him or not or when they are going to admit him. I do not know why they make it this hard. The Tillmans moved Bo up last Monday, and what should have been the happiest week of Bo's life has turned into his saddest. It is a shame that it is coming down to this."

The family advisor just hopes that it works out for all parties.

"The Ole Miss coaches have done a great job of keeping Bo focused while he has been waiting for the decision. A lot of kids, if they were not admitted last Wednesday, would have looked elsewhere immediately, but all Bo wanted to do was go to Ole Miss so he kept waiting. This really is not a complex thing. Bo has all of his requirements, and he knows that all of the other kids he took classes with have been admitted at their schools. It really is frustrating, for everyone."

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