Halfway Home

After a 71-61 loss in Nashville snapped the Rebels' three-game win streak, Ole Miss heads home to regroup. Read about it inside.

Well, they weren't going to win em' all.

Let's be honest folks, a game like Saturday's was bound to occur. No matter how hot Ole Miss was, the reality is this team is still young and still limited in experience.

Historically, Memorial Gymnasium has never been welcoming to the Rebels. In fact, Ole Miss has won only five times in 51 tries.

It's one of the weirder venues in the country, with benches under the goals and fan support top-notch compared to other SEC institutions.

Suffice it to say, topping Vanderbilt in Nashville is no easy task.

"The three games in a row we had won coming in, we had held our opponents under 40 percent (shooting), and we'd outrebounded them all," head coach Andy Kennedy said. "Today we get outrebounded and (Vandy) put on a clinic in the second half, shooting 67 percent. When we got it to seven points, I thought we had an opportunity to maybe tighten them up a bit."

Shooting 24 percent in the first half certainly didn't help the youngsters' cause. After 13 shots early, Ole Miss was 1-for-12 from the field and trailing 12-2.

Sound familiar? The Rebels faced the same deficit in Starkville only a week earlier.

That's where the similarities end, however.

This game wouldn't be the grand comeback we'd all hoped for. Rather than keep the game within striking distance, Ole Miss struggled to find the bucket, trailing 29-10 before they even knew what hit them.

To their credit, the Rebels cut the lead to a respectable 31-19 score at halftime, but one could sense this game was well in control.

However, like they have all season, the Rebs continued to battle. They made runs, but Vanderbilt answered. On several occasions, the lead was even single-digits, but it didn't matter.

Finally, the good guys cracked, trailing 66-46 to put the game out of reach. The final score of 71-61 didn't indicate the team's struggles in Music City.

"Our guys have given great effort typically through the entire season," Kennedy said. "But our efficiency has got to get better."

Again, games like these were bound to happen. However, now's not the time for fans to stick their heads back in the sand and give up.

We should all continue to show our support and cheer this group on. These guys have faced countless amounts of adversity, but refuse to succumb to it.

They have a week to prepare for an LSU squad that easily handed the Rebels their worst loss this season (at home no less) 83-51.

They'll hit the practice court with the same intensity and enthusiasm that sent them on their three-game win streak that made this season relevant again.

The least we can do is show we have their back on this journey. Fan support should never waver when times get tough.

Who's to say this team can't make another run? They've proven it once already, beating the likes of Kentucky, State and Auburn. With a 13-10 (4-5) record, the postseason is still within reach.

Time to stay onboard.

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