OM Signee analysis (Part 1)

Today we will grade how well the Rebels did at the QB, TE, RB, and Wild Rebel positions.

Grading Scale

We are going to evaluate each position on the following scale. If you had an average class at that position within the conference, which means you are in the 6-8 pack, you get a C. Anything below get you a D to F ranking.

If you are above average, you get a B. An A gets you in elite status.

QB's A -

The 6' 5", 225 pound Ft. Meade (MY) signal caller reminds me of a young Daunte Culpepper. Raymond Cotton is a big, strong kid who has the ability to break tackles, and has good enough foot work to be elusive in the pocket, while possessing a very strong arm. He has all of the tools, physically, to become an elite QB. Now we will have to see how he develops on the mental side like reading defenses, learning the playbook, adjusting to not being the man from day one...etc...

When you are able to get a caliber of a Clayton Moore (6' 2", 215) to walk-on, you know you have done something right. Clayton will have spring practice to adjustt to the college level. Moore has the talent to be able to help out down the road.

The one who got away: Drew Allen. What was Oklahoma's gain has now become Ole Miss' gain as they were able to land Raymond Cotton, which on the surface looks like it worked out best for all parties involve.

2010 Outlook: We do not look for Ole Miss to try and ink a QB unless there is one they can snag that is simply too good to pass up. They are very happy with the development of Nathan Stanley and the additions of Raymond Cotton and Clayton Moore give the Rebels three redshirt and true freshman status that all have bright futures.

TE's A+

Zaccheus Mason is just a freak of nature. Has that big TE body (6' 6", 250) with Shannon Sharp like speed and cutting ability. Future NFL player barring injury. Will probably be remembered as the biggest steal for the 2009 class.

The one who got away: None

2010 Outlook: The Rebels are loaded for the future with Z Mason, Ferbia Allen, and E.J. Epperson, who there have been whispers could be the next great Ole Miss tight end. Like the QB and RB positions, do not look for Ole Miss to be very active at the TE position next recruiting season unless they find someone who they simply can not pass up.

Wild Rebel C+

Jesse Grandy (5' 11", 175) could end up being the biggest "surprise" out of the class. What a great open field runner, with great vision, and has great hips which allows him to cut on a dime. That is why some project him at CB due to his hips and quickness.

Montez Phillips speed has improved from his junior to senior seasons. He does not have a bad throwing motion, so he could be effective in the Wild Rebel if he continues to work on his elusiveness and quickness. Great size (6' 2", 200) and good natural skills.

The one who got away: None

2010 Outlook: We have a sneaky feeling you will see them ink another Wild Rebel candidate and all eyes are set on 2008 signee, Randall Mackey, to be that man. The '08 Parade All-American set just about every MS QB record as a freshman at East MS CC.

RB's B+

Korvic Neat (5' 8", 170) is another Dexter McCluster in the making, if and I mean if, he proves to have the pass catching ability that Dexter possesses. Neat is actually a little shiftier and explosive than Dexter was at the same stage, but McCluster has that toughness and pass catching ability that makes him such a great all around player in the Rebel offense. Neat has the physical tools. Now we will have to wait to see if he has the same intangibles.

Rodney Scott (5' 11", 195) is that "franchise" back they were looking for. He has great lower body strength and the cutting ability to make people miss. Rodney has a nice burst to get to 0-20 in a hurry, which is more important than any other speed indicator for a RB. Scott's top end speed is fast, but it is not going to remind you of John Avery by any means, but who does:).

Tim Simon is a big bruiser (6' 2", 210) that also possesses some shifty ness and good enough speed to make it on the SEC level. But it looks like his game could be better suited for the LB position.

Stephen Houston (5' 10", 210) is also a bruising back with good vision, but he looks to be headed the juco or prep school route. If he does qualify, Stephen will be put on a greyshirt scholarship, which delays your enrollment until January.

Gabriel Hunter (5' 10", 190) has great field vision and cutting ability to make people miss. He will take a greyshirt in the fall to get his knee totally healed. When healthy, he is a true "play maker" and the Rebels would normally beg a player of his caliber to take an immediate scholarship. This speaks volumes about their overall recruiting efforts to be able to land Gabriel as a greyshirt.

The one who got away: Jaamal Berry

2010 Outlook: They are stocked at RB for the near future to the distant future at the tailback position. We doubt they end up taking a RB, unless again, unless it is somebody they simply can not pass on.

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