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Ole Miss Quarterback Jevan Snead had a highly successful sophomore campaign, but he believes he can be better - in several areas - in 2009. Read about it inside.

Jevan Snead led the Rebels to a 9-4 season as a sophomore in his first year starting at quarterback.

Now, the expectations will be even higher for him and the team. Early polls have the Rebels planted firmly in the Top 10 in the country and have Snead listed as a "Heisman hopeful."

And while he has already accomplished a lot in just one season, he feels there is so much more on the horizon, for him and the team.

"I think my comfort level will be a lot higher. I've been in just about every situation now and I should be more comfortable and should grow with the position," Snead stated.

Being more comfortable and more experienced should, Snead believes, lead to improvement in several areas.

"I can't just point out one area where I need to improve - there are several. One thing is eliminating turnovers and my decision-making being better," he said. "I made better decisions as last year progressed, but I can do better. I also want to get deeper in the playbook. I need to know the offense more thoroughly, but now that I have the basics down, I should be able to do all those things."

Right now, the Rebels are immersed in the offseason strength and conditioning program, including 5:30 a.m. workouts twice a week.

Jevan is trying to shed a little "Christmas weight" and then put on a little "good weight" before spring training.

"Those (early a.m. workouts) are never fun, but knowing what we are working for and with our goals even higher this year, it's worth the effort," he explained. "As Coach (Houston) Nutt says, the wind blows harder at the top of the mountain. We are not going to be able to sneak up on anyone this year, that's for sure. We have to get ready for that challenge and that is why we are working extra hard during the offseason.

"As far as the expectations on me, I don't really pay too much attention to that right now. The fall is a long way off. I'm just trying to improve my game and dive into the playbook deeper."

Snead does not know yet what to expect in spring in regard to Offensive Coordinator Kent Austin expanding the Rebel offense, but he feels he's up to the task.

"Now that most of us have a year of experience in this offense, I think we can all handle more plays and more offense," he stated. "I'm excited to see what the spring brings in our offense evolving and expanding. What little I have seen that Coach Austin has in store for us is very exciting."

Jevan also anticipates being able to audible more his second time around the block.

"I had a few audibles last year, but I didn't use them much. I didn't feel real comfortable my first year checking off, but that's one of the things I think I can grow into and I hope to expand that in the spring," he noted.

Another area Jevan has already stepped up in is leadership.

"Last year, I kind of resigned myself to laying low and just trying to lead by example. This year, I feel more comfortable being more vocal and I feel like my teammates will accept me in that role now as well," he added. "I am not going to be the guy screaming at everyone or anything like that, but I am more comfortable now leading vocally."

Jevan is excited about the recent Rebel signing class, but he says he doesn't keep up with it "too much" during the recruiting process.

"We obviously had a great class. I'm excited not only about the wideouts, but the offensive linemen too," he closed. "I met Bobbie Massie on his visit and he is one big dude. Big guys are what you want protecting you."

Jevan Snead earned high accolades, all things considered, for his efforts in 2008, and he deserved any praise thrown his way.

But he expects more in 2009.

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