Madison Central lineman names OM his leader

The 6' 3", 255 pound defensive lineman out of Madison Central had a chance to take in his first Jr Day this past Saturday and came away impressed.

"My trip to Ole Miss was very exciting," added Bryon Bennett. "I am really starting to consider them now. Their coaches are really cool. They make you feel at home. The facilities are top notch. They even had great food (laugh), so you know I was happy about that. I guess the best way I can describe Ole Miss is it is just a top notch school."

The 2008 All-State selection attended a couple of the Ole Miss games in the Fall, but this trip taught him a few things he did not know from before.

"I did not know the whole staff like I do now. I got to meet everyone. They are all just real friendly. They are there for their players. They are exciting too. They showed us some things on how they prepare for their games. They just have a great staff."

When thinking back about the trip, a couple things stand out over the others.

"I would probably have to say their facilities and how they treat their players. I just like the personality of their coaches. They are funny. It is just a good vibe I get over there. They help you get your education. I like that about a school."

The coaches at Ole Miss wanted Bryon to know how much he is wanted.

"They talked about how I could be a part of their team. They have a few seniors who are leaving, and they think I could come in there as a freshman and have a chance to get into the rotation. They talked about how they are all a big family, and they want me to be a part of their family. Some of the players I met talked to me about how everyone goes to each other's houses; coaches, players, everyone. It is just a like a big family, and they want me to be a part of it."

Where do the Rebels stand?

"I am leaning a little toward Ole Miss right now over the other schools. I am not totally sure where I am going yet, but I am leaning their a lot. I just love their coaches."

Who else is still in the picture?

"Alabama is real interested. They called me one day. USM is sending me some letters. USM offered me this Spring, so did MSU. LSU is still showing me a lot of interest."

What is going on with MSU?

"I am not really sure. They are sending me a lot of letters and saying they are really interested in me. I do not know right now. I have never been up there, but I would love to get up there one day. They wanted me to come to their Jr Day but it was on the same day as Ole Miss'."

What about Alabama?

"I am trying to see about Alabama. They are making a strong push. I really want to see what they are going to do. They are talking really good right now. Coach Saban gave all of us (Carlton Martin/Tyrece McDonald). He wanted us to go to their Jr Day too, but it was on the same day as Ole Miss' too. They are trying to get us over there for their camp this summer too."

What are Bryon's camp plans for the summer?

"Carlton (Martin) is pretty interested in Ole Miss, so we are probably going to Ole Miss this summer. We went to LSU's camp last summer, and I am still looking at LSU, but we are probably going to Ole Miss' (camp)."

Are Bennett and Martin going to be a package deal?

"I do not know yet (laugh). We are always asking each other what we are thinking. It would be nice, but we will just have to see. "

LSU continues to be a major player for Martin's services.

"I have always liked LSU. I am trying to see if they are going to offer me. I am interested in Ole Miss and LSU a lot. I am still waiting to see what Alabama does, but I grew up watching LSU. I could replace DL Tyson Jackson. I play him on play station. I like their colors a lot. I guess that is why I like them so much."

Bryon collected 72 tackles and 13 sacks for 5A Madison Central last season. He reports a "B" average, and he scored a 17 on the ACT the first time he took it.

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