Grove Bowl

A Grove Bowl record crowd announced at 28,357 enjoyed an offensive show with lots of points, some of them gifts, literally. Blue beat Red 55-28 to wrap up spring practice.

The Red team was given seven points at the end of each quarter, which accounted for all its 28 points. That's because the Blue team, loaded with starters and first-teamers, was, well, loaded.

"The best thing was that we didn't get anybody hurt," said Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt. "I was pleased to see the offense end the spring on a good note. I was mostly pleased with the defense all spring. We know who the starters are, and we feel some of the No. 2s are solidified."

It actually looked like the Rebel offense hadn't skipped a beat from its productive day at the Cotton Bowl. With junior quarterback Jevan Snead at the controls of the No. 1 offense, he led his team to six touchdowns on six possessions.

"One of the things I've been working on is my decision-making and trying to reduce turnovers," said Snead, who was 11-for-15 on the day for 254 yards and three touchdowns. "There are always some plays I'd like to have back. But overall I felt good."

Brandon Bolden, with four carries for 50 yards and a touchdown, rushed for 29 yards to get the first drive started. The sophomore took it in 10 plays later for a touchdown from five yards out. Joshua Shene then made the first of his three successful extra points.

The Red team alternated quarterbacks Nathan Stanley and Billy Tapp all afternoon, and the two backups to Snead each got a series with the Blue squad.

Stanley and the Red didn't move it on its first try, the Blue team got the ball back and made good on its second effort with Snead passing to Shay Hodge for 12 yards and a touchdown. Bryson Rose missed the point after.

Billy Tapp was then at the controls of the Red team offense, and when the quarter ended was awarded seven points to make it 13-7 at the end of one.

The Red drive actually continued into the second quarter, and David Hankins was called on for a 43-yard field goal which was wide right.

Snead went right back to work, hitting Jarcarious Lucas on a 48-yard pass deep into Red territory. Two plays later Cordera Eason took it in from 4 yards out. The Blues went for two but it failed. The score was 19-7 Blue team.

Stanley and the Reds failed to get but three yards past midfield, and when Snead got the ball back at that point, he hit Devin Thomas in stride for 53 yards and a touchdown. This time Snead connected with Derrick Davis for two points and a 27-7 advantage for the Blue team.

Tapp was up next as the Red general, but the Blue team took over at the Red 37 when the Red team couldn't advance. Three plays later, Snead threw into the end zone for a leaping McCluster who hauled it in over Demareo Marr for more points. Shene was good, and it was 34-7.

The Red team got its second touchdown via gift as the horn sounded to end the half, and the score stood 34-14 Blue.

Snead was in for only one play in the second half, but he made it a memorable one. From his own 30, he hit Markeith Summers on a pass probably 50 yards from scrimmage, and Summers raced the rest of the distance on a 70-yard scoring play. Rose was good on the extra point, and it was 41-14.

Freshman QB Clayton Moore made his Rebel debut on the next series for the Reds. He moved the team from his 30 to the other 31, with a 30-yard completion to Richie Contartesi the big play of the drive. Hankins missed a 48-yarder to give the ball back to the Blue team.

Stanley got his shot at the Blue offense at this point but couldn't move the team down for points. But the Red got seven more points as the third peiord closed.

Moore was back in for the Red team but four plays only turned it back over to the Blues. Tapp got his shot with the Blue offense and drove them downfield for points. His last two plays were completions, the first to Lionel Breaux for 46 yards and a 19-yarder for a touchdown to Jacarious Lucas. Shene was true and the score was 48-21.

After the Red failed to move it, the Blue team led by Stanley went back in for the final points of the game – except, of course, for the seven awarded to the Red team at the final horn.

Stanley hit Lucas for 20 yards to midfield and then a 50-yarder for a touchdown. Rose was good and the score was 55-21 Red team.

In addition to Snead's numbers, Tapp was 6-for-10 for 117 yards, and Stanley was 5-for-12 for 78 yards.

Lucas had four catches for 137 yards and two touchdowns. Hodge had three for 35 and one TD. Summers had two receptions for 113 yards and a touchdown. McCluster had two receptions for 34 yards and a touchdown.

Devin Thomas led all rushers with 63 yards on two carries and a score. Bolden had four carries for 50 yards and a touchdown. Eason had three carries for six yards and a touchdown. McCluster rushed the football once for 21 yards. Enrique Davis had two carries for five yards.

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