Pro or Ole Miss for David Renfroe?

Mississippi's top baseball prospect is on wait and see mode right now. Early indication is that he will be drafted in the 1st or 2nd round on June 9th. The Yankees and Red Sox are showing the most interest, but the Rebels could be the team to beat. To learn more about the status of David Renfroe, read below.

"I graduate on on May 17th," said David Renfroe. "I finished 19th in our class (with a 3.8 GPA/20 ACT) out of 255. I am just sitting around and getting prepared for the pre-draft workouts. I had two clubs come by my house tonight, but it has been this way all year. Every major league team has contacted me and been by my house."

David's senior season had its up and downs due to an oblique strain, but overall, he put up solid numbers.

"It went good, but not as good as I expected. We got put out by Southaven in the first round. Individually, I had a good year, but I missed a couple weeks with an oblique strain. I did not pitch during that time period, but I did DH. I had to go to practice with street clothes on so I did not get tempted to put the glove on. It was that bad."

The 6' 3", 195 pounder came back on the mound against Starkville and all was normal.

"I was pitching 92-94 MPH on the radar gun on each pitch so I knew it was back to my old form. Everything was good from then on."

David finished the season with a .464 batting average. He hit 6 HR's and 34 RBI's and only struck out 4 times all year. He was also 19-19 in the steals department and collected 19 walks. On the mound, he was 4-3 with a 2.10 ERA while striking out over 2 per inning.

"I think my biggest improvement this year was being more patient at the plate. I did not get a lot to hit, me or Ethan Bright (MSU signee hit .361 with 3 HR's), being Dandy Dozen's and all. I had to be really disciplined at the plate this year."

David has played shortstop, and he has been the ace on the Tigers' staff for the past four years, but pitching is not on the front burner now.

"It has kind of taken a back seat because I am more of a position player now. If I were to go pro, I do not want to be able to wait every fifth day to play. I still love pitching because of my dad. I come from a pitching family, but I am glad to be considered a position player now."

The Major League Baseball draft starts on June 9th, but David has also signed a national letter of intent with Ole Miss. In an ideal world, what would transpire?

"The money situation will have to meet my criteria. The round I am drafted does not matter to me. I am actually getting money back from Ole Miss and a full ride. It is a great opportunity for me to play for the best baseball program in the best conference in America. I grew up a Rebel so it will have to be a really, really good offer to pull me away."

What is Ole Miss saying to the 2009 Louisville Slugger All-American?

"They just want me to know that I have a spot over there. They want me real bad, but they also know what kind of opportunity I have in June (with the draft). They want me, but they would be just as happy if it worked out for me to start my (professional) career early."

Could David play for Ole Miss and sign a major league baseball contract?

"Jeff Samardzija for Notre Dame signed with the Cubs and came back and played football his senior season, but now, they try and spread out your signing bonus where you do not play college ball. They do give you a college fund though, like 75 to 80 thousand, so you can go back and get your education. The only stipulation is that you have to start college within two years when you are finished playing baseball. If I did end up going the pro route, I want to start college in the offseason so I can get my college degree before I am done playing."

Is everything going to come down to the dollars?

"Exactly, that and which organization fits me the best. If the money is right, and the team is right, we will see from there. But if the money is not right, and the team is not right, I am headed to Ole Miss. It's that simple."

When do the negotiations start and end?

"They start as soon as they draft you and it ends on August 15th, at midnight, I believe."

How are you feeling about the situation currently?

"It is real stressful right now. I am real anxious to get the draft over with and see where my future lies. It is such a stressful time for me and my family. Now it comes down to meeting everybody again and going to the pre-draft workouts. Hopefully I will know where I am going on June 9th, and I will take it from there."

The Baseball America Top 50 national prospect has been hosting the major league scouts all year.

"I had people come in my house today. This has been going on through my senior year. I have another month of this and then it is over. They started coming during football season, but it did not bother me because I was real focused on football and trying to win another state championship."

What are the teams saying during the meetings?

"They do not say much about where I will go in the draft because it is such a weird thing. You could be slotted to go 15th, but all it takes is one club to pick you and you are gone. It is a tricky thing for the clubs. The Yankees and Red Sox are showing me the most interest right now. If I had to guess at which team will draft me, it would be one of those two teams but you never know. My advisor is telling me that I will go in the early rounds, probably the 1st or 2nd (round)."

To watch his home run at Wrigley Field, click below.


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