Ole Miss Football Coach Houston Nutt was approached by the 2009 seniors about a team motto. He liked what they came up with. Read about it inside.

While most fans were euphoric with the turnaround of the 2008 football team, and the players were proud of their accomplishments, especially the six-game win streak to end the campaign, there was apparently something missing in the hearts and minds of the team.

"We did some great things last year, but we want more," said senior CB Marshay Green.

To drive that point home and keep it in the thoughts of every player, the seniors presented Coach Houston Nutt with a slogan - a constant reminder - for the team.

Last year, it was "One Heartbeat," which worked in drawing a splintered team closer together.

This year, the motto - which is already plastered on the walls of the IPF and in the locker room is "Unsatisfied."

"I love it," said Nutt. "I like everything it stands for. It tells me the team is in the right mindset this offseason.

"They feel the same way I do. We had a really good year last year, but I felt, and they felt, we left some things on the table. As good as last year was, and as good as the last part of the season was, there was room for more and that is why 'unsatisfied' is the way we want to look at things."

A note or two:

* RS frosh Nathan Stanley reported to Ole Miss last summer at 200 pounds. He is now tipping the scales at 218 pounds with a goal of 225 before two-a-days.

* One buzz around the IPF this summer is the progress of DE Greg Hardy in his long rehab process from offseason foot surgery. From various accounts, Hardy stayed on campus after second semester and into summer without a break to get treatment and the word is that he has done everything asked of him and more to get back to 100%. Caution is still the approach of the trainers and doctors, but from every word we can gather, Greg will be ready to rumble in August. P.S. - He's 272 pounds right now and has never looked better.

* We also understand DT Jerrell Powe, who had offseason wrist surgery, is coming along very nicely in his rehab and should be able to resume upper body weightlifting soon. Powe is doing everything but heavy upper body lifting and has kept his weight in the 320s, we were told.

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