Pomeranz, Britton, and SEC Media Days

Drew Pomeranz got picked for the Team USA roster, then proceeded to go out and show why he was selected in his first outing with the Red, White, and Blue.

The Ole Miss rising junior left-hander got the win in USA's 5-1 victory Thursday night against Team Canada. Pomeranz went four innings, striking out 10 with two walks, allowing just a run on four hits.

Impressive stuff from the Rebel, but more of the same that we've seen from him lately. Next spring could be a special season for Pomeranz. Certainly the Rebels count on him as a win on Friday nights in 2010.

Those wins might not be automatic, but he's proving time and time again that if the offense can score him some runs and the defense will make plays, he's going to give his team a great chance at victory.

As far as pitching goes, fall ball will mean searching for second, third, and weekday starters with Phillip Irwin, Nathan Baker, and Brett Bukvich gone. The Friday night guy and the late reliever/closer roles appear to be mostly settled with Pomeranz, along with David Goforth and Jake Morgan both back.

July 1 is the first day college coaches can call recruits. It's basically the official restart of the recruiting season for rising high school seniors.

We've brought you a few names and stories this week of the players the Rebels are recruiting and will be contacting. We'll add to that list by Wednesday.

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Devin Britton continues his sizzling spring and summer of success. The progress he's made in his overall game since January has been nothing short of amazing.

To struggle early in his adjustment to the college game, then to become the NCAA's best by the end of the semester was as quick a rise as we've seen in any sport from an individual at Ole Miss.

We knew he was good when he arrived. He had the resume' and the game. But it looked earlyon that it might take a year or more for him to settle into the college game.

Remember, he was thrust into the No. 1 singles role as soon as he got here in January as a 17-year-old freshman. He was moved a few weeks later into the No. 2 role as senior Jonas Berg took back over the No. 1 spot.

It appeared to be a place Britton was more comfortable, and his game began to grow and flourish. And now look what's happened. The youngest player to ever win the NCAA singles title and on to the summer he's having.

In an interview back in January he said he'd probably be at Ole Miss a couple of years. I didn't expect him to say he'd be here four. Tennis is his future, and fast.

But I never thought there was a chance he might play well enough to not even return for a second year.

I still don't, honestly. I believe he will return, even with the success he may have between now and late August. Billy Chadwick said he, too, believes Britton will return, because he says his star player understands how much better he can be with a successful fall where he continues to get stronger and a spring that might have him ranked as No. 1 in the country in college tennis.

He should be. He will be the defending NCAA champion after all.

The Wimbledon Junior tourney will be a most interesting watch beginning this weekend because of Britton. It appears the rankings have him currently as the 41st junior in the world.

Britton's busy summer continues after the Wimbledon Juniors as he travels to Porec, Croatia, to serve as a practice partner for the U.S. Davis Cup team for the 2009 Davis Cup quarterfinal, which will be played July 10-12, the USTA and U.S. Davis Cup Captain Patrick McEnroe announced this week.

Britton and Ryan Harrison of Bradenton, Fla., will train with the team during the week and will be on the bench with the players during the matches.

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The two football players representing Ole Miss at the SEC Media Days in a month are good choices.

On a team where several players could have been chosen to attend, having Jevan Snead and Greg Hardy in Hoover, Ala., on July 23 is good for several reasons, but one for sure. They're who the media will want to see and hear from.

Both those Rebels are headline stories for a team that's a consensus top 10 nationally. They will both play large roles in whatever success the team has in the fall.

Most of the time it's pretty clear who coaches will bring with them from their respective schools. Since only two players are allowed by each, there sometimes might be a third guy left out that would be just as logical a choice.

But when Eli Manning's on your team, you take him. When Patrick Willis is on your team, you take him.

But I do remember at least one instance when an SEC coach didn't bring a player everybody in attendance wanted there. Then-Kentucky Coach Hal Mumme left QB Tim Couch back in Lexington when Couch was in the running for the Heisman.

It was a bit of a head-scratcher. But usually coaches get it right. Looks like the Rebels are sending two good stories and representatives of their team and school this time around.

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