Focused Frazar

Evan Frazar hopes to come in and hit some home runs for the Ole Miss Rebels. The round-tripper has been a friend of the St. Pius X (Houston, Texas) product this summer and before.

In a wood bat league in Texas this summer, the 6-foot-1, 195-pound middle infielder has launched 11 balls out of the park in just 15 games.

Last summer it was one he rocketed out of a field in East Cobb, Ga., that caught the attention of Ole Miss assistant coach Rob Reinstetle. Reinstetle happened to be watching the player at the plate, Frazar, and at that same time Frazar unleashed a blast, a walkoff to win the game. Some reported it as one of the longest ever hit out of that particular park.

Not many weeks later, Frazar visited Ole Miss and committed soon after, picking the Rebels over LSU, Texas A&M, Miami, Arizona, and others.

"It was the (Ole Miss) coaching staff that did it," Frazar said of the key to his decision. "There were all amazing. They seemed like guys you want to be around, that you can talk to. It was a good fit for me."

Since his commitment nearly a year ago, which led to him signing in November, Frazar has been keeping up with Ole Miss and also improving his own baseball skills.

"I've been working with a former Olympic medalist on my strength and conditioning," he said. "There's a guy in this area named Bill Collins who is a runner, and he's really helped me in a lot of areas. We do conditioning and endurance Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and we do weight training Tuesday and Thursday."

Frazar said he's not only a bigger, stronger, faster player than he was when he signed with Ole Miss eight months ago, "my body is different than it was when I got out of high school," he said. And that was just a couple of months ago.

He was already quite the speedster, having stolen 36 bases in 37 attempts this past season as a high school senior. He batted an impressive .503 for the season and .575 in the playoffs. He had six home runs during his team's season and attributes some adjustments to his improved power this summer.

"I changed my stance a little and that helped, and the workouts I've been doing have helped me get stronger," he said.

He was impressed by the one guy who was able to catch him stealing last spring.

"The one catcher that threw me out, he never got up off his knees and just threw a strike to get me out (at second base)," the personable Frazar said. "I went up to him after the game and shook his hand. It was impressive."

Frazar batted in the three or four hole for his high school team, but this summer he's mostly hit in the two hole or even leadoff.

"It's been great," he said. "I love batting high up in the order."

Frazar's numbers in every area have improved from his efforts the last few months. His 60 time last summer was 6.60. Now he's been clocked at 6.43.

His throw across the diamond from deep in the hole at short was 91 mph last summer and now it's up to 94.

"I've tried to get better at everything," said the obviously hard-working Frazar, who said he knew he'd have to be at his best to be ready to compete when he got to Ole Miss. He plans to be in Oxford by Aug. 20.

"I know they have that two-mile run that you have to make in 14 minutes," he said. "I want to be ready for that."

And also for the competition he knows will be awaiting him for playing time.

"I know the best player gets a spot," said the Texas all-state player and St. Pius X MVP in 2009. "The one who gets it done is the one who gets to play."

Evan Frazar continues to work to do just that.

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