Nutt "extras"

Houston Nutt talked to hundreds of TV, radio and print media today at SEC Media Days as he ran the gauntlet, but the following are a few quotes not as highly-publicized.

The following are some "extra" quotes from Houston Nutt at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Al, today.

(On the polls that have the Rebs in the Top 10) "The polls picking us last in 2008 meant nothing and the polls picking us inthe Top 10 this year mean nothing in reality," Nutt said. "I told our players to put up their Cotton Bowl caps. I told our players not to pay attention to the polls. It's all about staying humble, doing the right things and going to work. If they will do those things, the polls will take care of themselves."

(On QB Jevan Snead) "When we first got to Ole Miss, Jevan thought he could throw the ball anywhere and at any time. He learned through our first six games that great quarterbacks understand where not to try to throw it," Houston continued. "With the way he ended the season, I feel he can be one of the best in the country. He's more multiple now. He has a quick arm and a pass rush does not bother him. He does not flinch under pressure. He's tough. Now, we feel he's more multiple and we can ask him to do just about anything. He's making better decisions. Eli Manning has been working out at the IPF lately and he told me just the other day that he can see a lot of growth and maturity in Jevan since last year. The young man has grown as a person and player. I'm excited he's in the Heisman watch. The way he ended last year, he deserves it."

(On All-SEC voting - one coach did not vote for Tim Tebow as the QB) "It wasn't me. I voted for Tim," Nutt stated. "Langston Rogers will verify. By the way, you know you can't vote on your own players. . . "

(On his team being filmed for a "Reality Show" on August camp) "I said no three times, but once I learned I can shut it down if it is a distraction and I will have final approval of every foot of film, I'm OK with it. I think it will be great for recruiting and I have confidence our kids will handle it in the right way," he noted.

(On having 600 pounds - Peria Jerry and Michael Oher - to replace) "We will have to do it by committee on defense. Lawon Scott, Jerrell Powe and Ted Laurent will have to handle things at DT. Bradley Sowell has big shoes to fill, but it's the nature of college football. When it is your turn, get it done. Do your job. We feel he will," Nutt added.

(On what the team needs to do mentally) "They bought into what it takes win last year. When they did, they started winning," said Houston. "Now they have to buy into what it takes to be great. We won the summer. They have bought in so far."

(On his pregame talks to the team that have drawn praise) "Everyone needs motivation. I try very hard to say something that will move them and will create energy and passion. I have energy and passion for this game and know you have to have that to compete in this league. I played for some coaches who motivated me to great heights. I want to help do that with my players as well," he said.

(On the Wild Rebel becoming the Super Rebel, or so it's been said) "It's still the Wild Rebel, but with every offensive set, you are always trying to stay a step ahead and change it a little so defenses can't hone in on it. That's what we will do, but it will still be the Wild Rebel, our knuckleball defenses have to prepare for," Nutt offered.

(On signing 38 and getting in 25) "It has worked out to exactly 25, just like we thought it would. I saw no harm in signing that many and it wasn't against the rules. Now, we can't do that so we won't. Not a big deal," he noted.

(On the formula of being able to beat the past two natioanl champs in the regular season) "One, take care of the ball. Two, limit their big plays. Make them drive the length of the field a little at a time," he explained. "Three, make big plays of your own - some way, somehow."

(On his concerns) "We have to stay healthy. We can get average in a hurry if we have injuries on the offensive line or in the secondary. We have no experience behind some key positions, quarterback being one of them," he said. "Health is my only concern."

(On being ranked highly) "Like I said, I don't pay any attention to it and tell the players not to, but it's out there so why not embrace it? It's better than not being talked about at all," he conceeded.

(On what he really thinks his team can accomplish) "If we stay healthy, I really believe in my heart we can make a run for Atlanta. I know how tough it is, but I love my team and love the approach they are taking," he closed. "I also like the fact we have Alabama, LSU, Arkansas and UT at home. I believe in this team and expect the best."

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